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Mental health should have the same importance as physical health

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3 months ago

<<No matter what happened or what will happen, no matter that life seems too negative today, remember that when you take responsibility, manage and let life flow, it will take care of bringing better days, just remember that on bad days too it is learned”

As every year a motto is created to make people more aware of mental health and this year it has a lot to do with disseminating information to put an end to disinformation, mainly so that the world finds out and accepts that it is not a game that it is a pathology that attacks many people, that the people who suffer from it evidently did not ask to do it, it just happens to them, it also invites us to prioritize it, it invites us to put it among our highest priorities in life, because it is clear that when we are unbalanced transparent to our exterior, therefore both must be balanced, it should be noted that it was a movement that began in 1982, when the world organization for mental health undertook it, in order to help and strengthen human minds, in addition to promoting the same as a normal pathology, not as many paint it, since they make it look like the one who suffers from it is different.

It is also a very delicate and sensitive issue, especially after having experienced the confinement, this according to the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic strengthened these pathologies much more, many began with a simple stress that later transcended into anxiety, ADD and even depression. , many believe that these are temporary and even take them as a game when they are really very serious, not acting in time can cause those who suffer from it to contemplate even ending their life, they are worrying pathologies because they affect many young people, including children, therefore as parents we should be a little more aware, more alert about behaviors, since many can be caused even by comments, words and alternative actions such as bullying that promote devastating consequences in self-esteem, in the personality even of those who suffer it , since whoever attacks is supremely cruel, it is supremely invasive, really the one who does bullying does not really know the damage ta n great and deep that it fosters in the life of those who receive it.

Fortunately, today we have a broad communication system that can touch more fibers and hearts than before when misinformation abounded and we only got hold of the ideas of others, ideas that led us to stigmatize everything that mental health entails, nowadays It is evident that this has diminished, there are more and more people who empathize with these pathologies, people who daily say a resounding no to pointing out or discriminating against those who suffer from it, suffer from it and fight against it, because unfortunately they are a little diverted from having a functional mental health since this implies that our mental, psychological and social well-being is 100%, on the other hand mental illnesses are those that can seriously affect us the way we think, in our humor and behavior, it depends of the importance and the attack in time the process that lasts, since they can be temporary and disappear or truly become an aspect of their extremely serious.

Previously, the premise was that he who suffered something in relation to the mind was crazy, when the background is broad and can be given according to the fact that it even comes with the genes of people, since they can be transmitted by inheritance, they can also be caused by traumas and life experiences, even basic aspects such as diet, the foods we consume that we normally ignore, can influence, so taking measures first to investigate the leak, to know what causes this trance in mental health is important to repair it, mental health can change for the better, although there are stages in which our mind tells us that the time we invest in taking care of it, in accepting that we are suffering and that it is a trance, in addition to seeking help if necessary, will help us. to change the landscape and stabilize any problem we have no matter how overwhelming it is.

Never be afraid to seek help, you do it for yourself and your well-being, do not be afraid to talk with whoever you feel you trust, closing in on yourself will never be the way out, we must externalize to accept that problems can be solved, for On the other hand, we must all be aware and alert not only to our behavior but also to that of people close to us who unfortunately are in trouble and do not know how to ask for help, basically the behaviors are more strange, they begin to isolate themselves from the world, have little energy, feeling hopeless and helpless, confused, tired, energy is not the same, productivity is low or even almost zero, thinking about hurting oneself, also about giving up fighting for what they have worked so hard for, these are really serious problems , physical health is nothing without balanced mental health, we saw it this year, with shocking cases of people who ended up putting an end to their life cycle, because l he mental problems, depressions, insecurities, and many others made them feel that way, the most notorious and controversial case was that of Cheslie Kryst, the former Miss USA, who committed suicide by jumping from her building, a shocking case given that it was a woman who seemed to be well, active with her life, active with her work, a woman who seemed to have everything and be perfectly in balance but the reality was different, faces and smiles we see but what happens behind we do not know, for that reason be more empathetic, many may be fighting battles and we are a source of escape and help to emerge victorious from it.

Thank you for reading!

Today, as Mental Health Day is commemorated, I only invite you to raise awareness and spread information so that others also reach the point of being more respectful and empathetic!


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Written by   45
3 months ago
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Thanks for sharing this vital information, your health is your wealth

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