It's not about thinking the same, it's about respecting others

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We cannot ask everyone to think or act like us, we are all unique and unrepeatable therefore we do not think the same as anyone else, we can share visions but not all of them fit our way of thinking and it is fine as long as it does not affect us, while this does not happen we must feel respect for their way of seeing life and thinking, so that said respect is reciprocal because we all need that respect but we must earn it at the cost of our actions that is, we must not discriminate or single out anyone just because they have a opinion different from ours.

On the contrary, we must have as a strength, being understanding and understanding that although they are opinions different from ours, we can even take advantage of them, because through them life is showing us a new panorama, only that we must learn to open our mind a little, our schemes to be able to see beyond what our noses can see.

Time moves on, do not allow yourself to be left alone with a panorama or one side of the coin, allow yourself to see what is beyond, do not be like the type of people who consider that their opinion is the only one that counts and that it is worth it, all opinions are acceptable, no one is the absolute owner of the truth, for these reasons we should give more importance to knowing how to listen, although it is an art that very few master and put into practice every day, we can also do everything possible to learn to listen and this goes from the hand to understand and be attentive, paying attention, not making us pay attention, on the contrary being 100% focused on listening, the irony of the case is that we also like to be heard, understood and everything that this entails, so The least we can do so that others do it too is to do it and change bad habits and, of course, progress in those that do deserve it.

Remember that hearing and listening are not the same, we can hear millions of things for days and not pay them the least attention, instead when we listen all our focus and attention is centered on the person, thing, moment or situation, as human beings we have the ability to improve skills as well as to remove from our environment what does not give us anything and in this case we should put more desire to improve in terms of listening, paying attention and being attentive, to improve this ability we must:

β€’ Eliminate distractions, no matter how much effort is involved, we must focus on what they are telling us and put aside or ignore what does not allow us to be 100% in that situation.

β€’ Cultivate patience, make it like your best friend, so that even if you are listening to something you don't like, don't interrupt

β€’ Shows interest, making gestures of affirmation as well as making short comments referring to what he was saying at that moment, this allows the other to feel accepted, in addition to favoring since if he does not feel that they pay attention to him, his response will probably be negative.

β€’ Be empathic, put yourself in their place, think that you would not like to be boycotted when you are talking about a topic that you are passionate about

Remember this very popular saying "do not do to your neighbor what you would not like them to do to you", if we want them to listen to us, pay attention to us but above all that they respect our opinion and way of seeing life, start with the instead, to do it first, we need to understand, value, respect the ideas, needs and interests of others, that is why duality exists. Thanks to life we ​​are inclusive beings, we are even capable of changing things in ourselves, of course, as long as we are also willing to be part of the change, of the solution and not of the problem.

We must be clear and understand that all of us, regardless of where we vegans are from, are worthy of respect, tolerance, understanding, with this we must also be perfectly clear that we have totally different concepts of life from each other but that it is still important to know understand and respect the duality of others. With evolution we have only seen that more and more people put aside the signs towards others and if we were not able to respect, we would live in a world full of more wars than currently exist, everything would be completely chaotic, we would be against each other, the important thing is to know how to express ourselves and communicate with respect towards anyone, because we all deserve respect.

Personally, I believe that change exists, to the extent that you believe and are part of it, because for a long time I was wrong, I thought that my opinion was the only important one in the world, that what I said had to be done and so on. , but life and our family, people closest to us constantly take care of situations to make us open our eyes, to see that we were acting and thinking badly, this happens a lot when we are young that we think that the world belongs to us, many such Maybe they don't change their way of seeing but others if we are part of the solution because we understood that for us to lead a healthy life in every way we need respect as a flag of peace.


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I totally agree with what you express. If all human beings would get along under this same criteria we would be in an ideal world. Interesting content.

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1 year ago

that's right friend! Thank you for reading

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1 year ago