In life, do you win or lose?

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<In life you win through learning>

The best companion that we can find through the years while we grow up is experience, since it is the one that will truly dictate the good teachings to us and to whom without a doubt we will always pay attention, we learn little from the warnings and experiences of others and it is that in its Sometimes we have to fill ourselves with courage and take the leap to learn and make our own way in the world, so that little by little we can draw our own conclusions and be able to give way to a new opportunity. Experience and learning go hand in hand with courage, freedom but also with learning to close cycles, learning to let go of everything that had no place in our lives, that which was not a complete loss since it gave us true things that are gold in life and are experience and learning.

The future and the progress of the years brings learning, no one becomes older without first having lived their own story full of multiple pleasant experiences and those that are not so, because although many think that things come easy they are people who are wrong in that thought, since life is full of obstacles, difficulties, that with the passage of time we will overcome, in addition to the fact that we will accept that they are circumstances that life brings with it, in conclusion It is something that, although we want to avoid it, we cannot do it because being alive is synonymous with experimenting, advancing, growing, through successes and mistakes that will make us more human and less perfect, as well as something completely natural to us as human beings.

We do not ask to be born, just as we are not born learned, we come into this world thanks to the help of our parents or parents who decided in one way or another to live the experience of being parents through us, likewise no individual on the face of the earth Earth was born learned, on the contrary little by little with the passing of time we are growing and in turn we are expanding our knowledge, as well as little by little our character is being formed and we begin to formulate in order to give way to the taking of our own decisions, creating in us more awareness about the world and everything that refers to it. But it is at this stage, in the first of our lives, is where we learn or rather we acquire or copy attitudes that we see from the people who guide us in this case our parents, attitudes that are acquired such that we must always be better than ever. there is room to make mistakes or, failing that, to fail, when in failure, although it is difficult to admit it, there are lessons and experiences that will surely serve as a basis for other situations in the future.

Even losing on many occasions is won, just as we also win when some situations do not happen in our lives, you have analyzed your behavior towards the stages after going through some occasion or situation where you supposedly lost, but then you feel that it was better that way, because thanks to that those situations or people left your life, gave way to much better things, so once we know this law of life, it is not difficult for us to let go of everything that only chains us, on the contrary, it is much easier because in deep down we know that once a certain time has passed, life presents us with better opportunities that truly fit with our vision of life and that if we had clung to what had no place we would only be tied in a vicious circle where there would only be room for anxieties, sorrows and fears that only bind us.

Do not be afraid of throwing yourself into the void to follow some ideal, be afraid of not doing it, be afraid of not being able to leave fears aside, fears that only bind and chain, fears that do not let you live, do not let you experience, when we come to this world to create and make the best experiences, although many are colored with nuances of loss, it is not like that in them we were able to find the teaching that would only help us to understand our path later on. Remember that even if you feel that you are losing in the not too distant future you will realize that what you thought you had lost you won, you won because the learning of everything you experienced stayed with you, and you also opened a new space in your life that would most certainly be occupied with a new and better life experience. Don't be afraid to leave your comfort zone, be afraid of not being able to do it and being stuck in situations that only steal your peace instead of giving it to you.

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I love the fact that you were able to split true-life situations here. We do not always win in life. Also, you mentioned that there are sometimes when it's better to lose. You have a valid point. Sometimes when you lose, don't feel bad. Pick up yourself from the experience and work on yourself. That's my view here. Make sure you have a nice day 😊😊

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