What Is A Life Worth Living?

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In the case of amnesia, notes on a liveable life:

Wake up and dance! Wake up and dance! Go yoga. Do yoga. Do something that makes you feel alive. You're going to be crippled for life, walk as if you know tomorrow. Throw into it all the muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves. You've been faced with going. You were born in this body to expand its capacities, to discover the wonder and strength of your being when it has the gift of being. not to work nor to be ornamental.

Listen to music. Listen to music. Single layer is listened to. Every harmony. Every harmony. Lean into discord. Lean into discord. Enjoy the obscurity. In the comfort, rest. The louder you hear, the more you hear.

A album you love cannot wear. None like that. Not if you're listening, actually. The words are changing. Some because you adjust. Part of that is that the listening experience is most frequently passive, that if you listen as a whole person, your hearing is totally different from what you believe you have experienced.

This refers to individuals as well. You think you know people. you think you know people. You're stuck with somebody all your life. You've had mates for 10 years. The slate is still white, however. You assume that the novel is published often. But there's still a new chapter, really. Only inquire and listen, really. And over the years even ask the same questions, so the responses could be somewhat different.

Respire profoundly. From the shoulders to the toes. When Abu was in her last days, note that, before she couldn't catch air at last she had to struggle for any breath. Do not take for granted your breath, your lungs, your body's strength.

And your mind. Speech. Apprenticeship. Writing. Think. Know all. Learn all. Stay insatiable. Stay insatiable. It is not to accept the sharpness of our creative minds. The mind disappears with time, like all things. Don't waste email writing. Or write them like poems, whether you write emails or send messages. Like charms. Like charms. Say what you mean. Use CAPS LIBERALLY. If you feel like it you can even be funny. You are funny. You are funny.

Give, give, give, give – figure out whether it's gone. Offer your time, give your love, give space, guidance and listening. Give your love. Try to forgive, but if you can't, don't be terribly rough.

Serve. Serve it. If not in service, life is not worth living. In this planet, there are so much misery and suffering, too many things intended to deter us, to bring us to our knees, to hold us in chains in any way. When some are in handcuffs, you cannot be alive.

Find the universe as it should be, you suppose. Now make it a reality. Don't be desperate when you see things people do together and make you terribly sad. Let yourself feel this sadness and be consumed by it. This is your fire. This is your fire. Concentrate your efforts on building another world in which there are no atrocities, misery or suffering. Build a new room in which others will live.

Ask all of this. Dismiss your own and the universe assumptions. Reflect regularly to ensure that your life is not determined by laws that others make. Any building was built by another person, like you. Still look for the following laws to crack, form and recreate what you believe to be real to you. Your life, your laws, your rules, your rules.

Look up. Look up. Look up. Often cloud watch. The more you look, the more you see (true of humans and all nature too). Over you is an expensive, giant, blue sky. Awe and marvel are just a look away.

Infinite love experiment. All the laws of finite thought have now been broken. Hold in this world limitless. Try to love to find the limits – if it does. Perhaps it does not. And you learn that love is always limitless.

Confide yourself at the end of the day. It's all within you. Responses, power, affection. You only have the keys open.

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