Ways to Give and Expect Nothing in Return

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Why do we give? Why do we give? Should we give to gain or do we like to give?

I personally have been waiting and learned how to let go and give without waiting. Of course, it's good to be grateful or something in exchange, but I asked if I had to get a mutual answer and why.

When I asked, I pointed out that without any hope, I wanted to work.

It is those we freely offer the greatest presents. The key is to get out of our own ego and to encourage us not to recover something.

Here are tips on how to get the gift back – also with a quick "thank you":


It's just love we need and that starts with love. If we only want satisfaction and recognition outside of ourselves, we don't always give with a whole heart.

We will give so much more to others when we have a total spirit, genuinely love and realize our worth. We can see the blessing from a whole heart and not a lack of affection comes from the other guy.

With a whole spirit, because we are already loaded, we need nothing back. It is a blessing in itself to give out of this place, and we do not go into it seeking any sort of affection.

This is a land of immense strength and harmony.


A huge quantity of everything is excess. You can offer almost anything, if you believe in plenty, and you know you'll have enough too.

You see these practical things as just that — material things because you're a rich thinker. They are physical objects that have no control over us if we do not accept them.

We can really live abundantly by believing that we need nothing at the heart when we offer money, clothes, gifts, and other things. We live in a community where we know that donating and exchanging our stuff can be extremely helpful for others.

Take a developed world with extra shirts, shoes, cleaning supplies and other items, for example. They are appreciative and better and we believed in abundance and wanted to give these things away if you give these things to the people there. they are better.

When we think we are enough and will give something forever, we bless people in astonishing ways.


We just want to prosper deep down and have a marvelous life. I guess. We are overflowing with love if we only offer and we want everyone to be glad and we expect nothing in return.

You clearly find like you have plenty of it to share if you have anything to give — be your affection, an object you have, or your time. The explanation for this is to change the life of someone else.

If you have plenty, give away and bless the life of another human. You not only have the pleasure of sharing, but you know that somehow you allow people to feel complete.

This builds a world around you in which everybody is loved and included — and what is better than that?!


In life, we come across people who rub us the wrong way. We tend to hate you and may also withstand a relationship with you. We just don't care, let alone give them a donation, to connect with certain people.

I think it's the best time to give a donation to others. We also look for some sort of retribution while we are in opposition and anger. This is not to suggest that we plan to kill them, but that we can only disregard them or make any of us unavailable. It's a kind of vengeance too.

Giving a present is the only way out of this loop. When you send a present, you reassure the mind and heart that you are complete and that you don't have any bad will or bad feelings.

This is like forgiveness—there are no ones who deserve it, but we forgive because it gives us salvation and allows us eventually to get away from rage and hatred.


The same person can see us as very narrow-minded when we give it and wish to gain it back. The way the universe works is that you naturally build room to obtain anytime you give something away. It's also said we get 10x what we give up.

This does not mean that we get back from the same person or agency we offer to.

An example would be a charity — we don't actually return from the charity (perhaps a tax receipt), but we offer it because it's nice.

This is one of our first means of giving—this brings us pleasure. This is a blessing in itself.

Mostly, as we give here and collect from there, we see the circle go forward. When you have the loop running, it never ends, and you still can see your donation coming back in a way — it can be totally different.

Therefore keep giving and do so more when you know there is more than enough love inside. It's a powerful place to get nothing in return!

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