Reasons why people might think you're weird

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Those who groove to their own tune and live their life beyond the standards of others are frequently shunned by others who cling to socially accepted equality.

Anyone who does not stick to what culture finds "natural," that is, what everyone else is doing, can be seen as a pariah.

But can you imagine how tedious and boring life would be if they were all the same?

If you've been deemed "false" at some point in your life, you're definitely a surprisingly fascinating person, rather than a part of the "I 'm going to be just like anyone else" brigade.

Below are just a few different explanations why people may think you're strange, and why they really mean you're a spectacular piece of gold in a sea of dross.

You're not dressed the same as anyone else does.

What is it that decides what kind of apparel is, and isn't, trendy or otherwise acceptable?

Have you been asked if you actually like to wear Ugg boots or neon yellow pants? I wasn't either.

Most people seem to imitate whatever is going on in Instagram or in separate fashion magazines, aiming for homogeneity rather than any kind of individuality.

They appear to be afraid to stand out from the crowd, even though it means they spend the day in humiliation and inauthenticity.

People may think you're crazy because you're wearing your clothes to express not only your individual sense of style, but also your interests and ethics.

You have interests other people don't appreciate

I know a few people who take great pride in becoming historical re-enactors. They spend many hours stitching era-specific garments by hand, often from fabrics and threads that they have spun, knit, and dyed themselves.

They practice in ancient weapons, or crafts such as basket weaving and pottery, and attend festivals with those of the same mind where they exchange talents and revel in the festivities of past eras.

And you wouldn't believe the mockery that they've got in these pursuits. So-called "normal" people make fun of their hobby because they're unique from what everyone else is doing.

Similarly, if you're engaged in a pastime or a career that makes other people unpleasant or even confused, their first instinct is usually to laugh at it or to dismiss it because it's "wrong."

What's funny is when this "wrong" interest of yours suddenly becomes mainstream because of a movie or television series or a celebrity endorsement, and then all of a sudden it's cool and everybody's in it. They don't like to be reminded of how they made fun of it and then, believe me.

You Have An Odd Or Dark Sense Of Humor

Those who have lived through some fairly dark life experience often develop both creative coping strategies and a rather dark or odd sense of humor.

Usually, this allows kids get through trouble, and gives them a way to work through and feel feelings without being morose about them.

Folks who have had soft , gentle lives without much difficulty usually can not relate to this kind of comedy. It makes them uncomfortable, and human beings naturally turn away from anything that results in pain.

They like the sameness they can contribute to it and rely on. Hey, that's why so many travelers go to McDonald's restaurants in other nations rather than sample local cuisine: familiarity is gratifying.

Undoubtedly, users've found some people who love your sense of fun, so you don't have to stupid anything down and you don't push others out of their comfort bubble. Be true, be you.

You don't believe what everyone else is doing.

Do your political beliefs vary widely from those of your friends or family members? Are you the one spiritual person of faith in a sea of atheists (or vice versa: the only non-believer in a deeply religious community)?

Anyone who has beliefs and ideas other than what is bleated by those around them is usually considered "wrong."

Things are the way they are, aren't they? Why would you question them on Earth?

Simply put, because there are different approaches to each subject, and it is only by immersing oneself in knowledge that we can see how we really feel about anything.

Learn about all the main religions in order to identify what you really believe. Read news sources from various countries to get a different perspective on the same problem.

Educate yourself, and you will be able to follow a path that is true for you, even if that means forging your own road and leaving a road for others.

You like to spend your time alone

Have you noticed that a lot of people can't stand to sit in silence, let alone loneliness?

If they don't have the sound of a TV or music, they're on the phone. Or they've got to be in the company of other people all the time.

And, of course, they personally believe you're "wrong" if you say you'd rather spend a Friday night reading than going out and having a party.

Being comfortable, and even content, is wonderful in your own corporation. If they don't get that, they might want to assume about what they're backing away from, or try to distract themselves from saying about.

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The best thing for weird people to do is keep being weird (as long as what makes them weird is not harmful to others, obviously). There is no reason to conform to an idea of what people think you should be.

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