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Money Isn’t Everything…But It’s One of the Most Important Things in Life

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6 months ago

Money is significant ...

It just does that.

You will find a trend of people who reject the importance of wealth, clinging tightly to their childhood indoctrination that the enjoyment of money is "the source of all bad." ..

What's the theme here?

They never had any actual money in their lives!

"Money isn't half of it! "It is the war cry of the oppressed. A war cry that is sometimes used to forgive their laziness and lack of drive.

And while it's true that money isn't everything, this was one of the most things that really matter.

It certainly matters, and it matters a lot.

And in this post, I 'm asking you when and why money is important ... and when it isn't.

When Money Does Not Matter

1. Money doesn't matter to sex (as much as you think)

Most important things in the picture of life

You may assume that finding the woman of your dreams is all about wealth.

That you ought to roll around on a cash bed to get laid, but that's just not the truth.

Don't you trust me?

Go to some party and take a look at all the guys flirting with their Rolexes and buying pretty girls drinks, do you see anything? None of them has some woman among them!

The people who are surrounded by women are the ones who make everybody laugh, who knows how to have a nice time, and who knows how to make a woman feel what she needs.

As it appears that they have financial reserves to order bottle service as well? That's a big bonus, but that wad of cash isn't enough because they're hunting for a gold digger, a slut, or a bunch of groupies.

You don't need money to get laid or find a long-term, satisfying relationship.

In reality, I know a few guys who are unbelievable to women who barely have a penny to their name.

Most women aren't that shallow, and you would be shocked to discover that, much like "average" human beings (which women are), they genuinely care more about:

  • Confidentiality

  • A fast wizard

  • Consideration

  • Charm

  • Your success and "selflessness" in the bag.

So, can you get the money laid?

Of course, of course! There is a justification why prostitution is regarded as the "oldest occupation."

However, do you need to ball out like Jordan Belfort to draw high-quality women who respect your character's material more than the contents of your bank account?

No, definitely not.

2. Money doesn't matter to happiness (after a certain point)

The argument that "money can't buy happiness" is only partly valid.

Money will buy joy (which can make you happier temporarily), but after your fundamental needs have been fulfilled (which the cognitive scientist Martin Seligman has proven to be about $70,000 a year), the additional 0's in your bank account won't do much for the long-term satisfaction.

It could simply minimize unhappiness.

If your target is full happiness, then yeah, it's all gold.

But if you want long-term satisfaction, a sense of self, and real happiness, money can't buy it for you.

Only dream about Robin Williams, Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington.

These men had it all.

From luxurious houses to fast cars to family and friends ... and still, all the world's fame and wealth wasn't enough to save them from taking their own lives.

When Money Is Matter

While there are definitely moments when money doesn't matter, or at least matters less than you would have imagined, there are still occasions where the opposite is accurate.

Aside from supplying the essential needs of food, water, and clothes, money matters a lot for the following reasons.

1. Money Matters of Marriage

Significant stuff in the picture of life

We've always seen the numbers here.

Fifty per cent of relationships wind up in divorce ... and most of them cite financial hardship as the main cause of breakup.

In reality, the Money Management International Survey claims that 63% of unluckily married couples disclose financial problems as the primary cause of their unhappiness.

Although money does not matter for a few casual sexual flings, if you want something serious and want to stay in the "happily married" category, you need to be able to afford protection for your partner.

How many wedding toasts do fathers honor new husbands as decent guys with a strong way to take care of their daughters?

He's not yet turning his princess off to someone.

You're the guy, and the best thing you have is a strategy to care for the woman. It might sound old-fashioned, but even today, with dual-income families, it's still important for a husband to be a breadwinner in some way.

To find and hold love, it's not all money. But it's pretty darn necessary, and without the daily bread and financial security, the marriage may be on the rocks.

2. Money Matters To Children

Why is money an essential picture

I don't even care who you are ...

I don't care what the belief systems are like ...

I don't care what you're doing on where real worth lies ...

If you have children, money is one of the most valuable things in your life.

Only because kids grow up like weeds, that doesn't mean you can take care of them that way.

Children ought to:

  • Clothes – and they're going to expand next year.

  • Shoes – With all that going on, maybe a few.

  • Meat – More and more of it in their youth.

  • Education – Programmes, magazines, materials, etc.

  • Daycare – particularly when both of you are struggling to afford the boy.

  • Things – You know, you're going to want to buy them toys, basketball games, T-ball and all the other stuff.

These are some things that money is and why it isn't matter at all.

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Written by   91
6 months ago
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Beautiful article

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"Money is not half, This is the call of war for the oppressed. A war cry that is sometimes used to forgive their laziness and lack.

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interesting article dear, keep it up!

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