Is Life A Competition?

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We are encouraged to compete when we were young. The tradition of competing with others is formed day after day. If we expect less than this, patterns are formed and our whole life is turned into game, a competition in which we have to defeat others to survive. But is life truly a contest? Should we have to struggle to succeed?? What makes us real victory is the act of fighting with others? Can a human being actually be characterized by a competition? Let's find out more about rivalry, its meaning, its relevance and its effect on human beings together.

In other words, competition can be defined as an opportunity to receive an award that may have special significance or the opportunity of overthrowing others to declare themselves more successful or superior than someone else. The Dictionary states that the competition is "a situation in which somebody tries to win something or be more successful than somebody else." Therefore do we have to rely on beating other individuals in order to succeed? Do you really achieve victory by doing so? Is it possible that one grows, becomes dominant and approaches perfection by competing with others?

Well, that will depend on our way of thinking, our own perspective, our conviction and our own idea of the meaning of a competition. The real importance of rivalry and the answers to these questions can be decided by two separate beliefs: 1. The belief that life is a challenge, that in every possible aspect of your life you have to overcome others. 2. The conviction that life is not at all a competition and if you've been in a competition yesterday.

The first belief would describe rivalry for others to be good, thinking that by beating others, you will have actual triumph, making them higher, making them more successful and thereby achieve grandeur. The second belief is that rivalry is essentially the ability to be better than you were yesterday and that one is successful, develops and achieves grandeur by making oneself the best edition.

The first citizens would rely on winning others. This is their ultimate aim, to defeat others, and the defeat of others would be their triumph. People of the second conviction are going to rely on being stronger than they were yesterday. Because it is their ultimate objective to become the greatest version, because the achievement for them is the person they were expected to be without defeating others to be.

Concurrence is a term that can have several different interpretations as we can see. The reality is that people have now adopted the first religion, and that is what we are taught in this culture. We have been told that we have to compete and we have to win others in every game to achieve. And that's not football, it's not an easy game, it's existence. Somehow, life becomes a race. We don't compete to become our best edition, but merely to overthrow others, which gives us a misguided understanding of life.

Every part of our lives has become a struggle. There is an ongoing rivalry anywhere: on the job grounds, colleges, universities, houses, restaurants, parks and elsewhere in the world. The competition takes place anywhere. We compete to see who has the best car, mobile, home, clothing and shoes. We compete to see who has the best body, who is the most attractive and who is the most beautiful. We compete to see who is best, who is best, who is best, who is the most paying, who is the best grader, or who is the biggest.

However, do we ever feel perfect? No, not necessarily, but we never quit playing. We never stop. We need to be more popular than other people urgently. The only person that we need to be different than the person we were yesterday is something we don't know. Being the person we wanted to be doing things that we enjoy without the permission of others, without trying to beat others, gives us happiness, and that really gives us success, it is how you win the "Life" contest, which is in reality either not a contest at all, or against others, but a contest against the person we were yesterday.

This game is to beat the one we aren't, to become the one we truly are and it means to be the strongest version of ourselves.

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