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Most of us prefer to float through life, embrace the ups and downs, and then 'get on with it.'

The notion of being happier and loving life is elusive and overwhelming. Questions are flooding our heads ...

Is there a lot of work involved here? Are there a lot of open ways to better your life? Is it going to cost a lot?

Fear not – we have some effective ideas to raise your level of satisfaction and encourage you to experience life like never before.

Some of them about cost you a small amount of money, but most of them are about changing your mind and rebuilding your energy ...

Be present

Life is pretty sweet, most of the time! The issues emerge as we worry too hard and continue to equate ourselves and our lives with others and theirs.

It can be hard to concentrate on what we have in our life when we're bombarded with edited pictures of people enjoying their best lives.

Social media can promote feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. We exist in a world of filtered images and unreasonable aspirations, which can make it very difficult to live and see things for what they actually are.

If you want to live your life more, even in new ways, it's worth questioning how much you just let yourself indulge in the moment and understand what's actually going on.

We don't recommend you give up entirely on social media, just aim to change your outlook a bit to enjoy what's currently in front of you.

Of course, it's impossible to try to do this every minute of the day — we all have negative thoughts and feelings popping up from time to time!

Let yourself be happy

When we learn to be at the moment, we will move on to being happy. Even we have to give ourselves permission to be satisfied.

It might sound odd, but a lot of us are holding back from letting go. It takes a lot of time and energy to recognize where we are in our lives and continue to enjoy.

We're just hanging back for different reasons. Any of us are afraid to say that we're content with the way things are because we're afraid we're going to 'jinx' it.

We don't want to relax in a relationship and we don't want to let ourselves be too close or too dependent. We're ashamed to admit that we enjoy our work just in case it's taken away from us.

This is very normal, and it is a means of defense against any potential pain that we fear may occur.

By recognizing that transition is necessary, we will find opportunities to make the best of what we have now and let ourselves step back and enjoy.

If you get beyond the fear of sticking to protection material, you will enjoy it for what it is and be content.

Stop unnecessary drama

Let's be honest, there have been moments in all of our lives that the drama has been entertaining.

Often it's a lot of fun to get a lot going on, and it can be a great diversion from your daily life.

And, occasionally, the diversion is going to be your greatest enemy. Drama can be extremely toxic and can lead our thoughts in a very destructive direction.

It may sound pretty innocuous at the moment, but it is sure to have a much greater effect than you may have first realized. It may be unwittingly pulling someone else down, or it may be shedding a harsh light on your own existence.

Stop this kind of action and you're going to be so liberated!

As soon as you let go of the mindset of worrying about others or talking about your own actions, you will feel so re-energized.

You're going to get to a point where the people around you feel petty to gossip, and that's all right – get over it and get on with your own life.

Make the most of what you have

Enjoying life doesn't have to mean bringing new stuff to it. Often, that just means falling back in love with what's already in it.

Dream of products you currently own that are not being used to their full potential. Thinking of new hobbies can also remind you of items that may be buried away and overlooked.

It's more normal than you would imagine – plenty of us have a camera trapped in a cupboard somewhere, and a pair of roller skates hidden away in the shed!

Instead of buying new things any time you want to add more fun into your life, remember what you currently possess and find opportunities to improve their use.

This will make you feel better about your life – you're going to feel resourceful, crafty, and literally you're going to get something 'new' for free. This is a win-win scenario.

Practice gratitude daily

You don't necessarily need to discover new opportunities to use stuff that you already own, you should find ways to think more positively of the present situation.

Challenge yourself to 30 days of thanks every day.

This can take whatever shape serves you most – you can diary and jot down stuff that you're thankful for every day, you can share your feelings with a loved one, and bounce ideas off each other, or, of course, you can keep your thoughts on your own.

Any way, you're going to take a big step in living your life in new ways. You can hit a little wall after the classic 'shelter , food, protection, fitness.'

Get further and start worrying about the other facets of your life that really matter to you.

You would like to be a regular at your favorite café, because it feels wonderful that the barista already knows your order. It could be like finding the opportunity to take your dog for a walk after work, or even just having a dog!

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