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Being Greedy is Not Good in Our Life

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6 months ago

People are doing extraordinary things for money; they are exposed to heinous situations, engaging in the most degrading environments, and sacrificing their most valuable resource, time, in search of it.

The adage that money is moving around the world is the saddest fact of life.

In a world where the vulnerable might be rescued from the depths of poverty by mere monetary investment, but there is no discussion of the corruption latent in the human race.

We see the wealthiest of us give back as they become octogenarians as a way of alleviating their shame from the opulence and privilege they have selfishly hoarded, and they demand adulation. They are granted it by knighthoods and appreciation of whitewashing of child labor and squalid conditions under which their factory workers in Bangladesh operate.

How do the richest elite watch the lifeblood of pure water flood from their gold-plated taps as they know the millions of children dying from waterborne diseases in another country?

When you give back, you've always taken so many.

Money is corruption, man. Psychologically, it is shackling us and pushing us to make unreasonable choices.

It's better than meth, but much more addictive.

Why is there no therapy for people who are incapable of controlling themselves and who constantly watch their lives spin out of control? Isn't that what school is for? Instead, higher education saddles us with a burden that lasts a lifetime and keeps us from succeeding economically. School is not the treatment that is symptomatic of the disease.

And that's never going to improve, the bankers are making so much money. They have developed their framework for personal gain and are leveraging the future of this world. We are praised for selfishness and greed.

What other animals will be compensated for cunningly risking their potential populations? For us, this incompetent management and utter lack of organizational accountability is celebrated and promoted.

Instead of providing for and participating in the long-term advantages of a world with highly skilled citizens, the country 's prosperity is being pillaged for every penny that is legally permitted.

Capital is also the pre-requisite to life that allows us the chance to shelter, but it also straddles us with a lifetime of debt. The aging generation has seen home values grow to unimaginable amounts with young people out of the market.

Do you see the trend that is emerging?

The tasks that we need to escape the crippling traps that are most important to life are the things that most consistently put us on the road of depression.

How are you going to feed your family if you don't have any money? You are doing great things with it; you are exposed to ugly situations, you are engaging in the most degrading environments, and you are losing the most valuable resource, time, in search of it.

It's a vicious life cycle that 99.9 percent can't stop.

Yet we're always sold the promise of the 'American Dream,' which imprisons us by stopping us from taking a stand. We hope we can all make it that helps us stop burning down the house.

Instead of asking, we embrace it, and expect instead of looking for change.

But is this beginning to change? You can only take too much from people who don't have it before they plan to strike back, no matter how ill-informed their political decisions may be.

If there's no hope and people don't have the money, they're going to get desperate.

Marry it to the fact that humans are inclined to desire after the most trivial of things. They don't understand the importance of what they have in pursuit of what's next.

We miss the most precious stuff of our lives, longing for something that could never happen.

Yet money is hope, too. It's why mother works three jobs to give her children the chance she's never had.

Without a chance of redemption, we will all give up.

So money keeps us working, we've been programmed to think that if we try harder, we can do it, but that's wrong.

Money lets people do crazy stuff, we're going to work to make money to pay for the petrol and the vehicle to get us there. We work to pay for the food that gives us the ability to be a productive worker. We're trying to save money for holidays that give us a break from working, and the cycle goes on. What percent of the money you raise is used in the first place to make the money? Care of the spending on work clothing, etc.

Our entire world is about making money for other people.

And if you're an entrepreneur, think about where the tax goes. If you pay a company or a personal fee, your money always goes to a man, I 'm sorry.

And we can't get away from this virtuous loop.

Generation after generation leads, and we're not going to fix the crisis.

It flows into the essence of life: capital and economic gain.

As long as we struggle to make a living, to enrich our lives and to finance our happiness, the essence of life will always be governed by economics. This is why a utopia has never existed in human history.

This is the next step after capitalism, but we conclude there can be no change on the capitalist paradigm. We have been conditioned to assume that political prosperity is sponsored by the moniker that greed is healthy.

Get rich or die trying is a string that describes us as a group.

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Written by   91
6 months ago
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