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Want to Earn Extra Dec? Now You Can! | Splinterlands #110

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2 months ago

Many new players to splinterlands don’t realize that certain splinterlands card editions allow you to earn an extra 10% DEC per battle. The Alpha and Promo editions cards provide an additional +10% extra DEC for every card you play. And yes, they stack. So if you play 7 Alpha/Promo edition cards, you will land up getting +70% extra DEC for the battle.

Another way to earn extra DEC is by playing Gold Foil versions of cards which also give you +10% extra DEC. Therefore if you play Gold Foil Alpha or Gold Foil Promo edition cards, these do stack to provide you with an +20% extra DEC. Therefore, in theory, if you play 7 Gold Foil Alpha or Promo edition cards, you will land up getting +140% additional DEC for the battle.

Well, unless you have been an early adopter of splinterlands or haven’t been keeping up to date with the economics of the game -> these editions are costly, especially those Alphas. However, with the release of the rental market, being able to rent these expensive Gold Foil cards are all of a sudden a lot more feasible. You’ve read this far and still wondering how you will earn that extra DEC. Well, read on.

Usage and Win Rates for Promo Editions Cards for the Past Five Seasons

I have used the last 5 season stats published by @jacekw and extracted the Promo edition cards stats. The table below is sorted by win rate %. Low mana cost and essential buff abilities make the Mermaid Healer a popular and valuable card amongst many top 100 players.

Cheapest Gold Foil Rental Promo Edition Cards

Using the latest rental values from, the table now paints a different picture. The Mermaid Healer cheapest Gold Foil card will cost 56 DEC per day to rent. Doing back of the paper napkin maths, if every battle you win nets you 40 DEC, adding Gold Foil Mermaid Healer will net you an extra 8 DEC. However, you need to play 7 matches daily to break even on the Gold Foil rental price.

Enchanted Defender and Goblin Chef are two low-cost options that would only take 1-2 battles to pay off the rental costs with the additional DEC they offer per battle.

If this post is useful, please comment and I may look to do a similar post for Alpha Edition cards. 

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Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a good rest of the day!

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Written by   46
2 months ago
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Great article! Not into renting myself, only renting out!

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