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Is Splinterlands Setting The Standard For Play to Earn Crypto Gaming? | Splinterlands #108

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2 months ago

It feels as if the crypto bull run of 2020/21 has finally come to crypto and blockchain gaming. Every day there are news articles about Axie Infinity by significant publications. The term "play to earn" is becoming used more and more. People are rushing into the crypto gaming space to play these games and earn money from them.

The hype and FOMO became very real with the release of Splintershards (SPS) the past week. The marketing hype went into overdrive; major crypto publications took notice, more players signed up daily than ever, crypto YouTubers made videos about splinterlands, and hive nodes couldn't keep up the number of transactions being submitted.

The question is can you play to earn from splinterlands? A recent analysis post published by CoinGecko, reports that players can earn up to $1665 per month by playing Axie Infinity daily.

From the screenshot above, in some countries, Axie Infinity players can earn 5 times more than the average minimum wage worker. This is life-changing and is wholesome on so many levels. I don't know enough about Axie Infinity economics, and whether it is sustainable, so I won't comment.

Can you make a living by playing splinterlands?

With the introduction of SPS in the past week, splinterlands economics has exploded in value. However, the question I want to ask is whether players can earn a living from playing splinterlands? Can you make splinterlands a full-time job? I understand that Axie Infinity players earn a token of Simple Love Potion (SLP) that they can sell to earn money. From a splinterlands perspective, there are many options to earn and in some ways diverse the many ways you can earn from splinterlands:

  • Dark Energy Crystal (DEC) – Battle daily and seasonally to earn DEC. It is currently valued at $4.87 for 1000 DEC.

  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) – the game's lifeblood and ahead of its time before NFTs became mainstream. These NFTs can be sold for DEC or WAX. Also, these NFTs can be leased out for additional income streams.

  • Splintershards (SPS) – splinterlands governance token dropped daily to players and is currently valued at $0.45 per token.

  • Splintertalk (SPT) – splinterlands blogging community token. Earn tokens by blogging about the game and be rewarded with SPT tokens currently valued at $4.31 for 1000 SPT.

  • Splinterlands tournaments – players can enter splinterlands tournaments, with many tournaments having a low entry fee (10 DEC) to compete for a good payoff.

  • Official Splinterlands blogging challenges – social media and weekly battle challenges.

Let's do some back-of-the-napkin calculations for a typical month in splinterlands. I am assuming an average player in Gold I.

  • Completing 30 x daily quests and 2 x seasonal rewards = 5000 DEC ($24.35) + $25 of NFTs

  • 30 x Daily drop of 20 SPS = $270

  • Write 4 x weekly battle challenge posts = $20

A total of ~$340 per month is higher than the minimum monthly wage in some countries. Also, it doesn't require the $1000+ minimum investment to get started like Axie Infinity. You can begin playing splinterlands with $10. It will be a slow daily grind, but over time those who are consistent and participate in the many facets that splinterlands has to offer will benefit

Now before you go off and quit your job to play splinterlands full-time, this should in no way be taken seriously. But one thing for sure, I thought splinterlands changed the game with the rental market, and now with the SPS token release, it continues to strive ahead and set the standard for crypto gaming. I can't wait for what the splinterlands team has lined up with Land release later this year.

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Thank you for reading and hope you have a good rest of the day!

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Written by   46
2 months ago
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"CoinGecko, reports that players can earn up to $1665 per month by playing Axie Infinity daily." I doubt that. I basically doubt that anyone starting this today will ever make money.

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2 months ago

Great post! I am trying to take some profit out of the game but o man that’s hard. The economy in the game is so well alligned! And it is great to play!

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2 months ago

Thanks, I am selling SPS while the prices are above $0.4 as I can't see it continue to keep this price that high. But this is crypto and silly stuff happens all the time :D

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2 months ago

I am not selling it all. I do stake 10 to 15%, the rest is sold. And converted into fiat or other crypto!

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2 months ago