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Previously, I have written about Appics, a decentralized App where its users are being rewarded by APX tokens. You can check here on how to register and here on how to navigate the app.

It is but obvious that everyone likes to earn while doing stuff in the internet especially when uploading our own content. In Appics there are other ways in which an Appics user can earn liquid APX or win a delegated APX. Currently there are ongoing contests and challenges in the platform.

Appics Referral Program

If you like to invite people to join you with your Appics journey, you can invite them to create an account with Appics thru your referral link. On their first ever post, let them mention your username with the hashtags #referafriend and #introduceyourself. When these criteria are met, both you and your friend will earn a 10,000 APX delegation for 30 days! Isn't this great!! This delegated APX can be use to vote other users posts in the platform and will enable you to earn APX.

By the way, you can generate your customized referral link here : referral.appics.com. You can also check the announcement post here.

So what are you waiting for? Join Appics NOW and refer a friend too!

Appics Power Up Your Avatar Challenge

This challenge is one of the previous power up challenge. In this one, you just have to create your own avatar at readyplayer.me and take a screenshot of the Avatar you created and post it on Appics with the hashtags #powerupyouravatar and #powerup.

The winners of this challenge will win APX Delegation and A Yabal OG Avatar NFT.

 The following are the prizes : 🥇1st place — 300k APX delegation for 30 days + 1 Yabal OG Avatar NFT!  🥈 2nd place — 200k APX delegation for 30 days + 1 Yabal OG Avatar NFT! 🥉 3rd place — 100k APX delegation for 30 days + 1 Yabal OG Avatar NFT!

To check the original challenge announcement post, you can check it out here.

By the way this is my entry for this challenge:

Book Time Challenge

A challenge that is hosted by smileyappicsofficial. Every week the host has different theme. This time is book time challenge wherein, you post a photo of your bookshelf, your mini library, your favorite book or story and etc. Winners of this challenge will win delegated APX.

First Place wins and receives 20,000 APX Delegated Tokens for 1 month.

2nd Place wins and receives 12,500 APX Delegated Tokens for 1 month.

3rd Place wins and receives 7,500 APX Delegated Tokens for 1 month.

4th Place wins and receives 5,000 APX Delegated Tokens for 1 month.

5th Place wins and receives 3,000 APX Delegated Tokens for 1 month.

6th Place wins and receives 2,000 APX Delegated Tokens for 1 month.

For more details you can check the challenge post here.

Note: Photos should be owned by you not from the internet.

APPICS Foodie Challenge #15

Hosted by Appics Senior Ambassador Karen Mckersie. This week's theme is Sandwiches. The challenge runs for two weeks. To join just simply post a photo of your favorite sandwich. Maximum of two entries per user per week. When posting, use the hashtags #appicsfoodie and #sandwiches.

The prizes are the following:

1st: 5,000 Apx Delegation for 1 Month.

2nd: 3,000 Apx Delegation for 1 Month.

3rd. 2,000 Apx Delegation for 1 Month

4th, 400 LIQUID APX

Photos used for this challenges should be originally yours not copied from the internet or somewhere else.

For full details the said challenge, visit here.

So there you go! Challenges in the Appics community were you can earn extra APX and APX delegation aside from the rewards of your posts.

If you want to sign up for an Appics account, you can use my referral link :

https://appics.referral-factory.com/JuT2Cu/join .

and go ahead mention me on your first post. my username there is MetYuson. Let's earn APX with our original content in Appics.

Appics is built on Telos, the home to the fastest EVM.

If you have any questions, you can comment it below. I will do my best to answer your inquiries.

See you around!


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