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Drawing step by step to Skips/Walks (Regular Show)

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2 months ago

Drawing can be a simple act for some people while for others it is not, but in the same way this art can be learned when we start from a first level in which we are shown the simplest thing to be able to have confidence and then go into the most complex; that is why, this tutorial that will be presented below you will see the step by step of the development of a character based on a successful animated cartoon series that was broadcast on television by the Cartoon Network channel.

And to start with our drawing we are going to create a silhouette of the character that will allow us to measure its size within the space of the sheet, and in turn to have a clarity of its shape to then give it a definitive appearance.

Then and after some corrections we highlight the lines of his head and face.

We continue with a part of the arm and thorax.

We do the same until we complete the whole body.

We return to the upper part of the character to give shading to his face, in order to give a textured appearance to the skin.

The same process is repeated all over the figure and in different shading styles. And that's it!

It is worth mentioning that all this was done with the same HB lead of my mechanical pencil, so this shows that it is possible to achieve different types of shading in spite of having only one material.

And how did you like this work? I look forward to your comments and thank you for your support, I appreciate it very much.

I wish you peace and blessings.

Materials used:

  • HB mechanical pencil.

  • Recycled paper.

  • Eraser.

  • Ruler.

  • Paintbrush.

Image source

Images obtained with my Amazon Fire 7 tablet.

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Written by   93
2 months ago
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Thank you for sharing your art drawing my friend. You had a great talent. I like your drawing, it's really cute and awesome.

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2 months ago

Thank you very much for your participation. I'm glad you like and appreciate it. I send you a big hug, friend.

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2 months ago