What is the difference between a web domain and web hosting?

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Article by Tiago Hands (https://www.instagram.com/tiago_hands)

Image by Kevin Phillips, Pixabay

If you've been thinking about setting up your first online business lately, then you probably only very recently came across the terms 'web domain' and 'web hosting'.

In this article I'll be explaining in very simple layman terms the difference between the two so that you can acquire what is necessary to set up your first website.

For a lot of people, because the internet is far more popular than it was two decades ago, it's easy to describe the difference. However, there was a stage when even I didn't know what a web domain or web hosting was. This article is for that very person that is new to the world of online marketing.

So without further introduction, here is the explanation...

What is a web domain?

A web domain is a URL address you acquire to put a website on. The URL https://www.read.cash is a web domain. With a web domain alone, a website cannot be set up. When you acquire a web domain- it then belongs to you, but if you want to put files on it for people to view, such as a web page like this - you need what is called web hosting. Now, with web domains - it is possible to redirect them to any website of your choice. For instance, if I were the owner of https://www.read.cash, I'd be able to re-direct it to my Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/mathsvideosforweb. Because my Youtube channel is hosted by the web hosting company Google are affiliated with, I wouldn't be responsible for keeping my video files online. So, in a way, if I wanted to save money, I could just buy a web domain and re-direct it to a page with my files hosted by someone else. This is not what everyone decides to do but is an option.

Moving on...

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service you acquire to attach web files to a web domain so that the entire world can look at them. For you to see a web page on Read.cash such as this one, it is necessary for the owner of https://read.cash to be using some kind of web hosting service. Web hosting services tend to be more expensive than web domains, especially if you aren't using a premium web domain. Premium web domains are web domains that are very expensive. They tend to contain one word like 'money' or 'soccer'.

So, in a nutshell and in very simple 'non-jargon' language this is what both a web domain and web hosting is.

I hope I've cleared everything up for you.

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Tiago Hands is a qualified level 2 AAT bookkeeper and he also produces geometric art. You can find Tiago's bookkeeping website at https://www.bookkeeping-support.com.

*Notice: The contents of this article is not investment advice. Before starting any business, seek professional guidance.

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