Getting to Know 'Marilaaaag': An Introductory Post

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Marilag was deprived from a Filipino word which means 'beautiful', 'exquisite', or 'aesthetic'.

Background Story of My Nickname 'Marilaaaag'

Way back 2019, I was thinking of an appropriate name for my art facebook page and since I am really fond of deep meaningful Filipino words that time, I have chosen Marilag because its meaning is really meant for what I want my arts would look like. I want it to be seen as beautiful, no matter how or what mistakes in details it had. Then, eventually, I added the word 'Kaligrapiya' in that facebook page name, since most of my contents or posts were about my calligraphies.

Furthermore, when creating my account, I don't want its contents are solely calligraphy but with different topics, so I removed the word 'Kaligrapiya' and chose 'Marilaaaag' as my nickname here.

About Me

I am a second year College student in Polytechnic University of the Philippines and currently taking Bachelor of Education, major in English. I am already 19 years old and running a small business—in which I sell my calligraphies, and/or customized keychains. For now, I am creating a journal which I would sell, eventually.

Likes and Dislikes

As a normal person, I literally almost like everything. I just like admiring a lot. Moreover, when it comes to something that I eat, you can give me anything, but don't include liver—I just hate its taste—and dinuguan (It came from the Filipino root word 'dugo' or blood) or anything that contains blood, since I am an Iglesia Ni Cristo member, it is prohibited to eat it. Nonetheless, I am really fond of animals, especially cats (I currently have four cats). Before, I actually hate dogs because of my phobia, but I am now starting to love them. I also love pink—especially if its the color of the sky, green and red leaves of trees, blue ocean—especially how it shines when the moon reflects, and many more that life could offer.


As I have mentioned above, I do make arts—I create calligraphy, I sketch and paint. Aside from those, I also watch Kdrama and movies with different genre—may it be local or international. I somehow write, especially if I am really in the right mood. I also read books (but I am now currently losing my passion here, sad). And lastly, I sing—even though singing really hates me, but I love Taylor Swift anyway. Oh, wait! I don't dance. I hate dancing, my body can't keep up with the beat and rhythm.

Goals and Dreams

Since then, I really aspire to be a teacher. I wanted to teach in remote places and help the unprivileged children to learn and acquire enough knowledge for their future use. Moreover, since my love in cats are growing, especially in strays, I am now dreaming of having an animal shelter—where the neglected and abused animals could have their safe space that will give them their deserved love and care. Aside from those, I really wanted to grow my small business, so I could start building my own café—where customers are able to read their favorite book while playing with cats and dogs, since I am planning to include having library and animals so they have companion while enjoying and having some peace. Nonetheless, I really want to finish my studies first, because I still firmly believe that education is one of the best ways to success in life.

Finally, I am now able to introduce myself. I hope it helps creating connections between you and me. Thus, I am looking forward to know more about myself. I am still exploring but those are worth the adventures, since it really helps me grow as a person.

I wish you could do the same too. Life may be tough, but it is always round. You might be in your lowest now, but someday, you'll be in your highest peak. You just have to work hard and cherish every little things of your life.

I hope we all get along. Padayon!

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