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Astral Whale V

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7 months ago

Chapter I:

Chapter II:

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Chapter IV:

Chapter V: Belonging




"Ain't it a wonderful sight, my son?" The bearded man stated while I sat in the boat's bow. I look upon the stars that strike through the cosmic sky with colorful starry little trails behind them. I'm glad that I can meet my father again, in the beautiful scenery that I've yearned for a while. I never thought that we would see each other here, where everything seems to be perfect–

"That's the whale that has been in your dreams, son," My father patted my head. He pointed towards the family of whales swimming through the ocean's surface, which is a mile away from us. "Tell me, dad, how come you've never gone back home?" I look at him, trying to expect a reasonable answer. But, instead, he stood there with both his hands in his pockets. He looked at the whales, which seem to swim to the never-ending horizon with the breeze which waved his hair. My father was the epitome of a fine sailor. He was well-built and is confident for his good. I guess he always adored that life in the sea.

"I’m already home, Austin. I’m glad you’re already here too.” I smiled at his remark. “You know, your mom made a special cake for your arrival.” I can smell something good coming from below the deck of our little ship coming towards us. It’s mom’s specialty, and I can always recognize her cooking. That delicate smell and the lovely aroma when it’s cooked perfectly by her. How can I forget?

I stand up as soon my mom passes the threshold of the captain’s deck. My dad is delighted to see me happy in this little world of ours. I proceed to hug my mom, and it made my heart melt; It’s as if I already found all of the answers that I have been searching for, us, as a complete family once again. “I missed you, darling,” My mom kisses my forehead and pulls me toward her with her free hand to tighten the hug.

My dad then tapped me in the back and asked, “Why don’t we see the stars? But this time, as a family.” I nodded with excitement. Back then, I remembered that we used to see the stars to give each other assurance that everything would be fine, especially when dad embarks on one of his trips. It was eargasmic to hear those words when they came right of his mouth. I didn’t hesitate and reached both of their hands as we watched the cosmic sky together. So I feel euphoric at this point that I don’t want to let go of this moment. I began to tear up as my feelings of joy overflows. Until my father said, “Son since we’re all here now, will you stay with us until we get to our destination?” He grabbed me by my shoulder and kneeled to level my height. I was confused by his words, yet I remained calm. “What do you mean, dad?”

“Do you want to stay here forever with us?” When he said that, a realization occurred to me and brought me back to reality. It was just another dream state, where I’m in the depths of my consciousness. Yet, everything feels so surreal that I’m tempted to come with them.

“What do you say, son? No more damsels in distress, and this world is ours for the taking.” My dad smiles. I’m looking at the endless horizon where the boat and whales are heading. I glance at my mother and father, who are already looking at me, waiting for my answer.

“Is this the answer to the questions that’s been inside my head?” I asked myself inside of me. “Is this what I truly want?”

I noticed that the breeze became colder as the winds also got strong. My father then looks forward and stands up, and said with authority, “There’s a storm coming, Austin. You have to make a choice now.” Just like a captain ready to sail the ship into rough currents. It’s as if I could feel his sharp aura of being a captain if I was a crew on board. I’m trying to recollect my thoughts to give a definite answer, but the more I think, the stronger the winds became. Finally, our hands broke off from holding, and my mother tapped my shoulder, and I glanced at her as she caught my attention. “Honey, eat a piece of this cake if your answer is no.” She said as she smiled. “And throw the cake if you’re answer is yes.” My dad added. “We’re going to face the storm together, just like we always had, as a family. Do you trust me once more, my son?” My mom handed me the silver platter where the freshly baked cake stood, and beside it is a fork.

The cosmic skies above turn into dark clouds after the stars that light up its sky turns dim then pitch black. The whales submerge in the ocean's depths when the seas turn rough, and the horizon isn’t visible because of the hard rain beyond. “Make the decision now, Austin,” My dad says, trying to balance himself off the rocking ship. This world is the perfect state that I wished for, and my life is already destroyed in reality. How I wish this were the reality that I lived; a dream come true indeed. But looking back, I only just played myself in the process. That was the last straw when I fell off the ledge, and I owe myself to death now. It’ll be absurd if I offer myself continuing a life of a lie, and besides, I can’t let Jane wait forever. Her thought still echoes into my head, and she will always be a significant part of my reality.

I’m done. I’ve already caused too much damage.

Hurt many people in my play.

I already decided.

I shall get back to reality.

“Sorry, mom, dad. Someone’s waiting for me. As much as I want to stay,” I paused with tears slowly fell from my eyes. “I’ve already accepted that you two are gone. I guess all I wanted is a proper goodbye to silence my thoughts.”  

I grabbed the fork and sliced a piece of the cake, and ate it.

“You’ve made the right choice, darling” My mom and dad hugged me for a brief moment.

“Live well, Austin! we’ll see you soon.” They smiled and got hold of the metal strips that make out the captain’s deck while dad tried to get inside to get a hold of the steering wheel.

The winds keep getting stronger, and I got flown off to the air meters away by the strength of the winds. Then, seconds before I fell to the rough deep waters, I saw their ship getting devoured by the big wave, destroying it in the process. The most complicated truth that I have to accept while drowning on the ocean floor.

I woke up to the beeping sounds beside me. As I groggily opened my eyes, I see a shocked aunt Lou looking towards me. She quickly grabs the hospital telephone and says, “Doctor! Austin is awake!” before hugging me tightly.

“Man, I’m home.”

- To be continued (Epilogue)

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Written by   26
7 months ago
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