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Astral Whale IV (Dreams Series)

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7 months ago

Chapter I:

Chapter II:

Chapter III :

Chapter IV: Reset

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Norman!” I exclaimed. “My mother is alive and well; My father is just away on a trip!” I asserted while glaring into him with his hands clenching my collar hard as ever.

“You delusional prick!” He punches me in my right jaw, causing me to push him off with my might and land a punch on him for retaliation. As soon as I can land multiple jabs at him, we were both broke off by our classmates who happen to see us while they were on their way to the cafeteria.

I was so furious that they talked about my parents when they didn’t know the whole story.

“You never knew how much Jane cried for you, you fucking asshole!” Norman hissed as he was slowly dragged away from me by our classmates. “Jane? why would she-?” My heart broke when I saw Jane crying so hard, dropping the pouch-filled cookies on the floor before leaving the scene. The kind of hurt when lovers quarrel or break up; as much as my head tore me from above, the feeling also tore me inside. Is Jane something special to me? In my confused state, I’m not in the right mind to assess these things, but something there made me realize that it wasn’t just that day when we were at the convenience store that we got to interact; Something there gave me butterflies for a sec; Something tells me she’s someone special, and Norman too. “Who the hell am I?” I tried to assess myself as I stared blankly for a while, being dragged away in slow motion, hearing all the inaudible noise from the fiasco we created. “Let go of me, please,” I said while struggling to get my arms out of their grip. They finally let go of me once they realized I wasn’t fighting them back.

Before I could recollect my thoughts about her, my attention was drawn to the door opening from the clinic.

“What the hell is going on here?” The nurse from the clinic came out as we drew out a lot of attention to the school premises.  “You teenagers learn to control yourselves!” The nurse exclaimed. I quickly ran out of the scene as teachers went on to investigate the matter. “My academics are a dead end now; it’s now or never,” I mumbled as I ran towards the classroom to get back and grab my bag, bearing the pain again from my headache. I needed to go home; this has been the worst day so far, and I haven’t been that close to the answer to that whale disappearing in my dreams.

I’m slowly losing my mind to all the stuff that’s been happening. I want answers!

After I grabbed my bag, I immediately run to the stand to grab my bike. I can feel my body getting exhausted as I feel myself burning up. “Man, wrong time to trigger a fever.” I pedalled hard out of the gates, ignoring the guard that’s taking lunch as he called me out for getting off school. “Hey, kid! Get back here!”

The scorching heat touches my skin, greeting my already heated body from fever. Right now, the only thing on my mind is going back home and taking medicine, then sleep, hoping that everything will subside and think about Norman’s nonsense accusations. However, I noticed that my phone keeps on repeatedly vibrating in my pocket as I try to go as fast as I can in going home. So I just paid for it, no mind. I’m in no mood to think right now.

“Hope that I’ll just get by a huge truck,” I mumbled as I passed through the busy streets of town weakly.  The cries of the whale then echoed in my head as I get nearer and nearer into our house; the skies then slowly turn into the cosmos plastered with stars that are dimly illuminating with the clouds. I was mesmerized yet horrified by the scenery that’s happening right before my eyes.

“Is this reality? Or I am dreaming?” I asked myself, bewildered by sight. When I was getting nearer to our neighborhood, I noticed that a black mist has been following me, devouring the things in pitch-black those who lay in its wake. As I glanced from left to right, there’s also a black mist slowly converging onto me, yet it’s still far. My problem is that mist that’s behind me is catching up to my speed. My knee-jerk response was to go straight forward as fast as I can until I can lose this thing.

“Shit!” I cursed at the wind as I pedalled hard, trying to outrun the mist. The only location that I can think of is the harbor which was only straight ahead. I mean, what that mist could never go against the sea. I assured myself that was the only way out of this nightmarish dilemma.

I hastened my pace with the adrenaline rush that’s coursing through my body only to find as I looked up a whole sizeable Astral whale swimming through the cosmic skies. I was nearing the harbor, and the only available escape route was the long pier that has always been in the center of the harbor at the edge of town. I’ve always hated yet loved that part of the harbor since that was the last time I’ve ever talked to my dad when we went out for a trip across town. The platform stands tall at the deep sea it stood, making it a fresh breeze for the townsfolk and a known attraction.

As I arrived, I got off my bike. I immediately went to the edge of the pier as the black mist covers the entire town pitch black, with only the cosmos illuminating the whole area. The whale that has been hovering above slowly dives towards me from above as the black mist from the seaside converges in the entrance on the pier, coming on to get me forming a large cloud of mist twice the size of me.

There was no choice, and this black mist sounds like a bad idea.

I let myself fall from the ledge as the disfigured whale comes forth toward me and the black mist is just a few inches away.

All I heard was a massive splash as I fall deep into the sea, with the last thing I see is the rays of sunlight shining before my eyes as everything turns black.

-          To be continued

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Written by   26
7 months ago
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