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Lifelong friendship

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2 years ago

Everyone chooses a friend according to themselves, their habits, perceptions, thoughts. True and sincere friendship does not know jealousy, selfishness and other emotions that can bring unrest and discord. Friendly love is selfless, mutual and never ends , because a friend is there to understand you , when no one else is able to, and to respect and love you when no one else cares about it.

Many people go through the life of an ordinary person, but only true friends leave a mark in his heart. Sincere friendship is stronger than anything. It is solid and indestructible.

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Arsen Dedić svome prijatelju: Nekad smo se rastajali, putovali dugo Voljeli smo mnoge ali, to je nešto drugo Trošili smo život skupa, i skromno i sjajno Ti si skoro sve što imam, jedino trajno


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2 years ago

When u have friends, one reall friend its like that u have all world!!

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2 years ago

It really is hard to fin true friends. Just be you and interact with other people. Let that friend of yours accept you as who you are and love each other as brothers or sisters

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2 years ago