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Prestige vs Necessity

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3 months ago

In an online forum in English, someone asked this question. let's say his name is Jack, and here's what he says.

"I'm in my 20s, earning between $110,000-$180,000 per year depending on bonuses. Is it worth it for me to buy a $50,000 Mercedes Benz?"

This forum includes a very crowded forum with very many members, namely Quora. Each member has the right to ask questions on any topic and those questions will be answered by other members.

Jack's question was answered by someone whose explanation was really interesting. Here is his narrative.

"I feel qualified to give you an answer because I drive a $50,000 Mercedes Benz and my annual income is the same as yours (Jack). I am 26 years old and working as a diplomat. This is the advice you need. ponder and answer.

From my job, I have a stable income every month. Is your income stable? Are you sure you won't be fired anytime soon or that your company will be fine in the long run?

I have a very good retirement plan. Is your savings good and healthy?

My car was bought at a discount. Diplomats like me have the advantage of buying a car and it's tax-free and most automakers offer diplomats discounts. Do you get such an attractive offer?

I hope you don't buy this car just to hook women or impress them or your friends. There's no profit for you by doing such a thing. The people who are by your side because of your car are the ones you should avoid as far as possible.

The car you want will not make you happy if you think that way. You may be happy for a while. It's just a short-term pleasure. The longer you drive it, you will get used to it and get bored. The fun was gone.

I bought this car because I like to travel long distances by car. This car makes me enjoy it. I also like to open the roof of my car when driving in the summer. And I like this car.

In the end, luxury and expensive cars are only really good for the driving experience. Don't expect anything else from it. So if you have fun driving it, like myself, go ahead and buy it. If you want to show off and impress people, don't buy it.

What he describes is a problem dilemma that is often experienced by many people in this day and age. Needs and wants are getting thinner. There are even a few people who are willing to put aside their needs to pursue desires that are sometimes not needed.

All that happened for the sake of a prestigious name. Uncontrollable desires lead to prestige. Prestige makes people experience a greater condition of a peg than a pole. Prestige often occurs because he wants to prove to others that he is great, rich, cool, and slang even though it is just an outer mask to cover himself which is the opposite.

I remember a good quote, “Prestige often creates people who look rich, not people who are rich.

You may not find it difficult to find such people, whose abilities are not possible but are forced to make them appear capable. There's no point in you acting like that. Over time you will fall into the valley of debt.

Did you know that many people fall into debt because of this prestige? credit here and there and buy things that are not needed, but only because they follow lust. Is it necessary? Maybe you will be happy for a moment. After a while, you will be dizzy and even regret why you bought it.

Buy something that you need, not because you want to show off to other people. It's called a stupid act and can make you poor in the future.

Hopefully, this article is useful, and greetings.

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Written by   11
3 months ago
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Your writing is very inspiring and can motivate someone who reads it

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3 months ago

thank you sister

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3 months ago