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Greetings from Maheswari

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9 months ago (Last updated: 8 months ago)

Greetings friends.

how are you today? Hopefully, stay healthy and keep smiling even though your heart is crying 😊

Because this is my first article on READ CASH, I will introduce myself first so we can be friends. And who knows you can also love me. : D

All right, introduce me, my name is Maheswari Dharmawulan. Usually, people call me "MAWAR" and some people call me "The Rascal. Maybe because I like to prank with my friends.

I was born in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2000. I am the first of two children. So I only have 1 younger sister that I care about. I was born from a simple family, but it's that simplicity that makes us always grateful.

I am a student majoring in agriculture at one of Jakarta's less well-known universities. You could say the university is for the lower class. Understandably, I am not the daughter of a rich person so I cannot afford to study at an elite university. I am currently entering my 6th semester. On-campus, I have 3 very good friends who care about me.

My hobbies are reading love novels and listening to music in my leisure time. Besides that, I also really like watching drama and anime series. The anime I like is Naruto. I think the Naruto series is very good and I still like reading the comics on the internet.

That's all for a brief introduction from me. Hopefully, we can become friends and can exchange thoughts and experiences from an article. Thank you for reading my post. Greetings from me.

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Welcome to You wrote yourself as a 'son' but I think you meant 'daughter'. I hope you enjoy your time here and there will be a lot of things to adapt to. In my opinion there is a few grammarly corrections needs to be done, therefore I left the accepting to the admin of community introduce yourself.

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8 months ago

Thanks for correcting, and I've fixed it. Sorry if my English is not very good. even some words in the article use the help of a translator. Because I'm not very good at using English.

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8 months ago

For suggestions, You can use Grammarly to help you write. Have fun.

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8 months ago

thanks for your suggestions

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8 months ago