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What is Google Adsense?

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There are many ways to make money by producing digital content in the online world. One of them is to get advertisements on your blog or website. However, not everyone can find an advertiser and get a deal. This is where the Google AdSense service comes into play. With Google AdSense, you can publish ads that are automatically displayed on your website and earn different fees over them.

Unfortunately, not everyone can benefit from the Google AdSense service. To use it, you must follow some rules set by Google. However, if you have an active website, you probably won't encounter any problems. After registration, paste the given code on your site and enjoy making money. Let's take a closer look at what Google AdSense is and how to use it.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense; It is a bridge connecting advertisers and publishers. A company advertises to Google, a publisher signs up for Google AdSense. The company's advertisement is published on the publisher's website or blog. Google takes a cut and pays the rest of the advertising fee to the publisher. That's what Google AdSense is.

The content of Google AdSense ads may or may not be relevant to your website. Because these ads are selected from a pool and the highest price offers are always one step ahead. If you think that the published ads are not suitable for your website, you can also edit it.

Here are the first steps you need to take to use Google AdSense. When registering, you may be asked for additional information that is not available in your Google account. It is extremely important that you enter all these correctly and up-to-date. Because when you start receiving advertisements, transactions such as payment and billing will be carried out through this information.

You can add more than one website or blog to your Google AdSense account. The important thing is that your website is broadcasting in accordance with Google Advertising Policies. Do not forget that websites that actively broadcast by paying attention to the ratio of text and images are one step ahead.

Does it make sense to use Google AdSense?

If you don't sell the content you produce to a different publisher or do not negotiate with the advertisers and make special sponsorship agreements, the only way to make money on your website or blog seems to be Google AdSense. After all, Google has a bunch of ads and it has to show them somewhere.

The outstanding feature of the Google AdSense advertising network is that it constantly offers you ads. Waiting for advertisements from different networks is not always profitable. However, Google AdSense always provides a small income stream. That's why it's not a bad idea to dedicate at least one corner of your website to it.

Note that Google Advertising Policies are extremely strict. Google can unilaterally remove the publisher from the AdSense system. Keep in mind that your posts are being watched actively and Google is ruthless about it. Most of the time, this does not cause a big problem, but it is not clear what will happen.

What ads does Google AdSense show?

The Google AdSense system works quite simply. The company advertises to Google, Google publishes this ad in the space reserved by the publisher, and everyone profits. The fee you earn from ads displayed on your website by Google AdSense may vary for each ad. But you can be sure to get the highest price.

The reason you're getting the highest price is because Google is doing it on purpose. Google AdSense ads are automatically selected. However, during this election, advertisers stand out according to the price they pay. Using the ad auction method, Google always highlights companies with high prices. So everybody wins.

This does not mean that the one who gives the money blows the whistle. The final word is always with the publisher. If you are not satisfied with the ads published on your website by Google AdSense, you can choose which type of ads you want to be published on your site with the Blocking Controls on the control panel.

How is Google AdSense revenue sharing done?

While Google AdSense discloses some key revenue shares, it does not disclose all of them. As a viewing fee, the publisher receives 68% of the total revenue and 51% of the search. In other words, when you publish an advertisement worth 100 TL on your website or blog, the amount you will earn is 68 TL. It is also possible to make different advertising deals that vary by publisher.

We answered questions such as what is Google AdSense, which allows you to make money on your website or blog, and how to use it, and we talked about the details you need to know about the subject. You can share your thoughts about Google Advertising Policies in the comments.

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