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Facts About Parrot

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Parrots, which are members of the Psittacidae family, can come in many different colors and sizes. But the common feature characteristic of all parrots is their strong beak with curved and sharp curves. So much so that they can use their very strong beaks as feet for climbing.

In addition, the foot structure is very characteristic. Having four fingers, two on the back and two on the front, is a feature that distinguishes parrots from other species. This structure of their feet allows them to grasp their food easily, and parrots are also the only bird species that can use their feet as hands for food.

Parrots have attracted the attention of people since ancient times with their unique and eye-catching bright colors and their ability to imitate many sounds, including human or animal voices, and have been kept in parrot cages as cage birds. Parrots do not have vocal cords, but they do have vocal organs known as the syrinx.

Not All Parrot Breeds Have Speech Talent

The ability to speak is not equally developed in all parrot species. The Jako parrot, also known as the gray parrot, is the parrot breed with the best speech ability among parrot breeds. Parrot species and all species in their subgroup may differ in size, color and even speech abilities.

Males and females of parrots with eye-catching colors are very similar to each other and it is not possible to distinguish gender from their external appearance. The only parrot species that is an exception to this situation is the Eclectus parrot. The females of this species have a black beak, a red head, the body is blue and red, the males have a yellow red beak that looks like a flame, and the body is green.

Parrots are intelligent birds and can be trained. If training is started from an early age, many acrobatic movements, words, even phone numbers can be taught. This is about parrots' ability to learn, not their ability to imitate. It is known that the African Gray Parrot can learn and speak up to 200 words, and even assess the situation and associate words. Some experts consider this parrot to have the intelligence of a 4 or 5 year old child.

Parrots, which have an active and playful nature, especially like toys that they can gnaw. It has been observed that the parrots watched during these actions mostly use their left feet. Although their general preference is mostly in this direction, parrots can use both feet actively.

Parrots Can Sense Music and Rhythm

A feature that distinguishes parrots from other bird species is that they can sense music and its rhythm. We are sure that many people have watched videos of parrots playing rhythm with the music.

The largest known parrot species is the Kakapo parrot. This parrot species, also known as the night parrot and is endemic to New Zealand, is among the endangered parrot species. These parrots, which have lost their ability to fly, can reach an average of 4 kg in weight. The long lifespan also makes this species one of the rarest parrot species. This species, which lives for an average of 90 - 95 years, also has an example that lives for 126 years. The Kakapo parrot also differs from other species in that it is the only parrot species that is particularly active at night, flightless, and the females are smaller than the males.

Another different species among parrots is the Cacatoos parrot. This species has a specific feature not found in other parrot species with its ability to move the feathers on its head.

The smallest known parrot species is the Pygmy parrot, or pygmy parrot, which lives in the forests of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, with a length of about 9-10 cm and a weight of about 10 g.

The most playful and mischievous parrot species known is the Kea parrot. Sliding on ski slopes, gnawing ropes, gliding in gutters and even stealing money and belongings can be counted among this parrot's favorite activities.

The largest known flying parrot species is the Hyacinth parrot. In general, the beak of parrots is strong, but the beak of the Hyacinth is stronger than any other species, it can even crack a coconut.

Living Areas of Parrots

Parrots live in groups, usually in wooded areas and on trees. There are more than 350 known parrot species worldwide.

Many species such as the most widely known Macaw, Lori, Amazon, Gray parrot live in many regions from Africa to Asia, from America to Australia. Budgerigars and longhairs are members of the parrot family and are widely fed species throughout the world.

Many species of parrots live in the wild in the warm regions of the southern hemisphere. On the other hand, there are parrot species living in snowy regions and cold climates. For example, species such as the Kea parrot, the thick-billed parrot, the burgundy forehead parrot are among the parrot species living in colder climates.

There are also generally known local parrot species. The most specific among these is the Dominican amazon parrot, also known as the Sisserou, a parrot species found only on the Caribbean island of Dominica. It has been recognized as the national bird of Dominica and is featured on the country's flag.

Parrots, who lead a monogamous life, lay their eggs in tree holes or rock cavities instead of nesting in their natural life. The number of eggs may differ according to parrot varieties, but parrot eggs are white in all species. Although the incubation period of parrots varies according to the species, it is usually between 24 and 28 days. After the chicks hatch, both the female and male parrots take care of feeding the chicks, but it is usually the mother parrot waiting for the chicks.

Puppies born with a very thin coat of hair cannot see for about two weeks. Feathers start to grow after the third week. The time it takes for a parrot to reach adulthood varies between parrot species, but averages between 2 and 4 years of age.

Although parrots are herbivores, many parrot species are also known to eat insects.

Parrots lead a herbivorous life with seeds, grains, seeds, fruit and plant extracts in their natural life. However, it is known that many parrot species also feed on insects.

The feathers of parrots are a natural means of protection against bacteria. Parrots secrete a pigment called Psittacofulvins, which is resistant to bacteria. This pigment, which is produced not only by parrots, but also gives color to the feathers of parrots, but also has an antibacterial effect.

Parrots, which are kept as pets in all countries of the world, are forbidden to be kept at home in India.

In addition to being able to talk and being intelligent, parrots, which have a long lifespan, are more preferred as pets due to these features. In general, small parrot species can live 15-20 years, medium-sized species can live 25-30 years, and large parrots can live between 60 and 100 years.

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