The Importance of Body Immunity Despite the Covid-19 Vaccine

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Over time of pandemics is increasingly widespread. Finally, it was found that a vaccine could answer the anxiety of the community. Now more and more people have got a covid-19 vaccine injection, although many of them have not. The assumption is that vaccines such as drugs make people forget the awareness of maintaining natural immunity so that the Covid-19 case does not subside.

Like a car, when the car is added to new features to maintain its security. However, that keeps the security of the car itself is the system. The sensor system that if someone is forcing to enter the car, then he will automatically sound as a form of resistance. Therefore the car must be treated properly so that the security system remains well functioning.

Soever works on our body. When the virus attacks then the body will automatically form its antibody and fight viruses. However, it will impact differently if the body has never found the virus or we can say this is the first time the virus attacks the body. When the virus first attacks the body, the body will be confused in responding, whether this is good for the body or precisely dangerous so that the body does not provide resistance to the virus. Then it is needed by the vaccine as a partner for the body to recognize the enemy he must face.

Then how does this vaccine work? The main purpose of all types of vaccines is to stimulate the immune system in the body to fight viruses so that if the virus infects again, a stronger immunity reaction will arise.

It is said on the WHO page (2021), vaccines contain bacteria, viruses, or components which with technological progress have been controlled. The vaccine contained a substance or compound that is the same as the substance that causes the disease, but the substance in the vaccine has been controlled or weakened so that the vaccine does not cause people to suffer from diseases if the person is exposed to the same substance naturally.

Even so, the vaccine that has become a new partner for the body must also be balanced with the health of the body itself. With a clean and healthy lifestyle, regular and nutritious diet, and can also be added with vitamins or other supplements to get a strong body immune system.

From Healthline, we can know that in addition to vaccination it turns out there are many easy daily habits that we can apply to increase endurance, along with:

  • Enough sleep

    Sleep and immunity are very closely related. In healthy adults including those who sleep less than 6 hours, every night is more likely to get flu than those who sleep 6 hours or more every night. Enough rest can also strengthen natural immunity. We will sleep more when sick to allow the body's immune system to be better.

  • Light exercise

    It was said in a study that one sports session was able to increase the effectiveness of vaccines in people with a weak immune system. In addition, medium and regular exercise can reduce inflammation and help regenerate immune cells regularly. Light sports are quite in demand including fast roads, regular cycling, jogging, swimming, and lightweight (climbing). At least everyone must target medium sports as much as 150 minutes per week.

  • Stay hydrated

    Maintaining body hydration is very important, not only protecting from germs and viruses but maintaining the body's health as a whole so that the body remains hydrated. Dehydration can cause a bad influence on the body such as headaches and inhibit physical performance, focus, mood, digestion, and heart and kidney function. To prevent dehydration, we must consume enough fluids every day to make pale yellow urine. Drinking water is highly recommended because it is free of calories, additives, and sugar. Although other drinks such as tea and juice also hydrate should still limit the intake because of the high sugar content.

  • Manage stress levels

    This pandemic period is certainly very limited in doing something. Moreover, now the application of the limits of community activities that occur until mid-July makes us have to stay at home and do all the activities of the house, which sometimes or maybe very boring so that it causes stress. Prolonged stress can improve inflammation and imbalances of immune cell function. Managing stress and anxiety well can increase health and immunity naturally. Some Aktvitas can help manage stress including meditation, sports, journals, yoga, and other awareness practices. Besides that, you can also do a hobby or something that diverts our minds to stay enjoy.

Hopefully, the article you read today is very useful and I hope you also stay healthy to live a daily life. Don't forget to give LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE, Thank you for reading and greetings.

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