shimmering in the Darkness

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7 months ago
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I don't know why i chose this title but it attracted me the most and i assume that it is better predicting my nature. Meagerly, i am a calm person but there are so many incidents in my life who brought grief and sorrow in my life. I want to study in deep, i want to explore the whole ,want to shimmer. When i see the regal people i always assume that i should also be like them.

You know that you are different & unique so one person should accept this reality. I know there was no one who missed me in previous days but at least you should wish me happy birthday it was my birthday on fifteen. I was spending my off days at home with my family & siblings. Time at home is way different than the time we spend without our family.

During stay at my home, i read fiction and finally i have completed my one book. Now i am back in my hostel but my mental state is more relaxed here as now i feel that hostel is home because i see family in my friends they are close to me. I know, no one can replace other, but my friends are very caring, loving and goal oriented and their positive side is also motivating me to excel in my life.

I want to write because i think it would be my strong point one day. AS i am a student of English language so it means we just have English to enclose ourselves. I have to spend maximum time to write and to learn English. Whenever, i have checked my paragraphs to madam/sir they always give a single feedback that you have to work on your writing expression. The term 'writing expression' is inscrutable and still undiscovered to me but i hope that i will make my way in this difficult situation.

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