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Why the family is so important for the development and formation of children and adolescents.

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1 year ago family, great day to all of you, I hope you are healthy and happy.

Caring about children is a natural part of the family.  Parents dream of the achievements they will have as adults, aspire to a bright future and wish the most beautiful victories for their children.  They create a routine as hectic or more hectic as that of the big executives, with language, sports, arts and other classes, so that they will be prepared for the future.

But is this only the role of the family?  Certainly not.  It is the family that is primarily responsible for the education of its children; it is the safe haven that, consciously and unconsciously, transmits values and beliefs that, over time, are absorbed according to the examples of attitudes and behaviors of the adults around them.

Essential skills for the future

These are the most complex skills of intelligence, such as: thinking before acting and reacting, putting oneself in the other's place, being able to overcome losses and frustrations, and interpreting behaviors and feelings.

It is also very important to promote: self-confidence, self-esteem, self-criticism, entrepreneurial attitude, among others.  All these functions and skills are able to lead children to develop healthy intra and interpersonal relationships, based on ethics and honesty, without expecting too much from the counterpart.

In this way, the child grows up knowing how to respect different perspectives, debate and not impose ideas, resolve conflicts, work in a team and so many other lessons that will help them become their own leaders.  Below are some of the most important action points.

The family is the environment in which the child learns the rules of coexistence and prepares emotionally for the adversities of the outside world.  In this long learning process, there is a great effort to care for, support and welcome children so that they feel safe when they leave the nest.

It remains, therefore, to emphasize that the time and space that the family devotes to the upbringing and education of children requires attention, care and dedication.  By growing up in a healthy and stimulating environment, children develop essential skills for autonomy, happiness and success.

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