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What Makes Us Really Happy?

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1 month ago

We live in an era where the pursuit of happiness has been a constant.  So I wonder: were people not happy, or were they happy and didn't know it?  The big question is to understand what makes us happy.  And this varies greatly from person to person.

It is more than proven that being happy is not directly related to how much money we have or don't have.  There are countless examples of people who survive on very little but are extremely happy.

Science has evolved a lot in this field and, today, it is known that the brain, not the heart, is linked to happiness.  And being happy is a daily choice.  I talk about this a lot, as I firmly believe in this truth.

How many simple opportunities we missed where we could live and be truly happy.  Happiness is in the details, as I always say.  And it can be something trivial.

You know what to say that less is more?  It's true.  And, more than realizing it, making these actions real today causes our levels of endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin, the hormones that bring us happiness, to multiply rapidly.

Be happy today.  Don't expect to decide to be happy when you achieve something tomorrow, because tomorrow may not come, and if it does, you may have already put your happiness on another day, another tomorrow.

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Written by   18
1 month ago
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