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The Best Gift To Be Alive and Healthy

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1 year ago

Happy day friends of, I hope everyone is healthy and happy.

During the quarantine, we are all experiencing great impacts which has produced changes in our behavior. Considering that every bad moment also has its positive side, we are now ready to face this new stage after covid-19.

One of the most radical changes is the fact that masks are here to stay, even some time after the pandemic, since it is considered, according to the opinion of experts, that the use of masks will be effective for a few more months. even after the coronavirus ends.

With the pandemic we learned to take care of each other, to care about others and, above all, to be aware that our actions impact other lives. We all need to change individualistic behavior and think more about the community, learning that unity is strength.

We have also learned to value the little moments and the people around us more.

Visiting our parents, grandparents and friends is a privilege, and during the time of confinement, these moments of withdrawal are the most painful. Therefore, after a pandemic, our social behavior must become much more emotional and emotionally charged.

One of the most important teachings of the pandemic is that we are not in full control of our lives. And for that reason, it should be used to the fullest. Therefore, we cannot wait for the ideal moment to pursue our dreams, fulfill our wishes and be happy.

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Written by   18
1 year ago
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