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Saying no times makes you happy

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3 weeks ago

It is important that we learn to establish priorities in our life and also learn to say no to what does not contribute anything to us.

Thinking of others is necessary, for the well-being of humanity, but this does not mean that we do not have our own will and we always have to please others, or what is worse, to live as others believe is the best way.

We must say no, when we do not agree with the needs of others, always honestly, and politely explaining the reason why we disagree.

We must not make excuses for our disagreement, we must be as sincere as possible, since lies have short legs and soon the No will emerge.

Try as we may, we will never please everyone. We must understand that we are prisoners of our decisions if we live in lies, concerned about what people think of our decisions.

We must not give up our personality, our desires, our dreams to please other people. And that's not good at all!

We must live our life according to what we aspire to. Therefore, it is not worth depending on the approval of others. We have every right to reject what does not make us Happy.

You only have to Say Yes when we are satisfied and sure that this allows us to grow, evolve, etc., otherwise we will be unhappy.

Dear friends, we must listen to our hearts to take firm steps, without fear of saying No !!! avoiding bad people, bad way.

So without any fear, let us remember that sometimes saying is not necessary for a healthy and happy life.

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Written by   17
3 weeks ago
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