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Refusal of meals by children

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8 months ago

It is natural and very common for a child to leave food on the plate, either because he/she does not want to eat more or because he/she does not like some of the foods that are there.  It is less frequent, but generally natural, for the child to refuse some foods.

"Mi hijo no come": ¿qué hacer?

Cuando un niño no come, es natural que los padres se preocupen por la situación. ¿Qué hacer: obligarlo a comer o presentar alternativas a la comida?

One of the main difficulties encountered by parents with preschool children is related to their child's lack of appetite and taste for little food.  They are often right, but care should be taken that the concern is not exaggerated.  Appetite decreases at this stage because, as they enter the second year of life, the child's growth rate slows down and, consequently, so does their daily caloric requirement.  This is reflected in their appetite.  Lack of appetite can occur for other reasons, for example, to attract attention, because children realize the importance parents attach to food.

Imparted from a young age, children can learn to enjoy any kind of food.  Since changing habits is always difficult, here are some notions for parents to keep in mind and strategies to help overcome mealtime difficulties.

The most important advice is:


 - Don't chase the child with food all day.

- Have adequate food available for him and his family.

In my very personal experience my daughter in her early years until she was 8, her taste in foods was very broad, she liked almost everything but as she got older, this started to change and it worried me a lot, as sometimes I feel like I can't find what to give her to eat.

I have over carried him by focusing on the things he likes the most.

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Written by   18
8 months ago
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