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A woman who owns herself is a complete woman.

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8 months ago

Good morning friend, hope everyone is healthy and happy. I wish you infinite blessings and enjoy this wonderful day.

Many women are raised on the culture that their life decisions must take into account the opinions of other people. For this reason, many grow dependent on relatives, boyfriends, husbands, among other people who become references of what is right or wrong.

As a result, they are unable to position themselves in decisive situations. Therefore, countless women are unable to pursue dreams and set goals that have personal or professional fulfillment as their goal.

To feel complete, it is essential to have as a base the idea that you are the only owner of your choices, your decisions and, above all, of your life! It is healthy to listen to the opinions of those we love, but we can never adopt the power of choice to others. One of the pillars to feel complete and fulfilled is the

For our growth and individual improvement, knowing how to recognize our limitations is fundamental. However, it is not bad to self-affirm all our qualities.

Therefore, we should never submit to relationships that offer you crumbs, jobs that do not value you, friendships that only disappoint, among other situations that do not add up and only subtract.

A woman who knows her worth recognizes when it is time to insist and also when it is time to leave. Learning is the keyword if you want to feel complete. After all, we become the sum of all our experiences and, with it, we become better and more prepared people.

This way, they never blame you for the bad decisions, the crooked paths you chose, and the frustrations you experience. Everything in life is a lesson. When you recognize this, the burdens are lightened and our choices become wise.

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Written by   18
8 months ago
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