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Tokenizing The Future

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It is true that we are living in a realm where constant change is the norm, and all things in life have to follow this golden rule, trapped in an endless cycle of life and death, creation and destruction. Once again, times are changing, and it is now more than obvious that we are about to close a massive chapter of the global financial history and move on the next one, a bright new chapter packed with challenges and endless opportunities. The worldwide web entered our lives and changed our way of life drastically, and now it's time for it to change the way we perform transactions on a global scale, offering privacy, freedom and independence.

It is true that we are now heading towards a cashless future, as the vast majority of western governments are already openly discussing this scenario and looking for ways to monitor and regulate cryptocurrency transactions, while some of them are also looking to launch their own digital currency transaction systems. I strongly believe that their efforts to protect their centralized authority systems are destined to fail; sooner or later they will have to accept the fact that they won't be able to grab the bigger piece of the pie that they clearly intend to.

Technology is changing the way we live dynamically, and cryptography is a truly powerful weapon that the people can now use to protect their fundamental human rights, which unfortunately hasn't always been the case. The technological wonders of the 21st century have given the people many more alternatives in the pursuit of credible information regarding anything and everything, and this has caused a domino effect, resulting in radical change of the way we reach conclusions and make decisions. This tends to drain us out and consume a lot of our time, but has served our freedoms very well so far.

A better future

The newly emerging tokenized economy and the endless possibilites tied to it is a phenomenon that is taking over our lives to a greater extent every other year. M0re and more people around the world are joining in and generating income on the worldwide web, by creating and consuming content, completing surveys, carrying out tasks, mining tokens, staking tokens, typing information and so on, you name it. Whatever it is you're good at, I'm sure you can now find a way to monetize your abilities on the internet, and guess what? It's mostly thanks to the blockchain technology.

There's a huge ongoing shift in power that central authorities very much fear but can't do anyhing to prevent, and even though on first thought it seems that the world is inevitably going to end judging by the global mess we're currently trapped in, I beg to disagree and believe that the future looks promising. We now possess technological weapons that can eliminate corruption if used properly, and cryptography is undoubtedly going to contribute to this effort to enable humanity to fulfill its true potential much faster. It is now easier than ever before to find credible information regarding anything and everything, and the fact that we all have access to a parallel universe of endless information with the click of a button is already acting as a catalyst for change.

Power to the people

It is now harder than ever to be misled and falsely informed in regard to what's going on around the world in real time, as it is easier than ever to just connect to the worldwide web and cross-check the information you have been fed by the mainstream media outlets. It is easier than ever before to keep them in check and refuse to buy their crap, because we no longer truly need their services. As we all know they have owners whose interests are not in line with those of the everyday, ordinary people, thus we no longer have to accept this necessary evil and keep being fed the propaganda that serves their interests best.

It is unfortunately true that financial oligarchs feed off our ignorance because it basically allows them to fulfill their plans without having to suffer the consequences of their wrongdoings, and so political corruption thrives in places where the inflow of information is controlled by those who are not willing to respect the rules of the game. If you were in a position to control the money supply of an entire country you could come up with many ways to steal small bits here and there that add up to millions or even billions, and if you somehow managed to control all the information that people have access to, you wouldn't have to worry about ever getting caught and having to pay a price for it.

Their corruption ends here

Of course all of this corruption would be impossible in a tokenized world where all the information in regard to a country's annual income and expenses are stored in a public ledger, accesible to everyone and powered by the blockchain technology. A block explorer and some technical knowledge is all it would take for an ordinary citizen to keep the government in check and hold them responsible for breaking the rules of the game. And the best part: the evidence would forever remain stored on the ledger. We are currently at the stage where it is up to every single one of us to search for this technical information, absorb it and pass it on to the next one. We have to build this better world we deserve, and we have to start now.

The blockchain technology has now enabled random people to make money on the internet just by showcasing their talents and devoting their precious time. It sure has already changed the way our societies evolve and move forward, as it provides the possibility to discover more options, and therefore, to find more solutions to the problems that stall our personal development. In my humble opinion, in the not so distant future it will also start to affect and shape the way we govern as well, offering the people a much better alternative to the concepts of freedom and democracy they have convinced us to accept and support.

Looking forward

Heading towards a tokenized future, I feel very optimistic about our ability to solve the problems we may stumble upon along the way. We are getting better and better at surviving agains the odds, and we are now reaching the point of no return. And that is actually a good sign if you ask me, as we are now about to be set free of the governance-oriented problems of the past which stalled the development of our society and slowed down our evolution as a species in the name of greed. The hunger for more will never cease to exist, but it has to be stopped. And cryptography will make sure it will.

Thank you for taking the time to read this far, it is the greatest reward I could ever ask for. I hope this read inspired you feel a lot more confident about the future. We are blessed to be living during these incredible times of technological advancement with limitless possibilities and challenging opportunities. And even though the financial opportunities are significant and more than welcome, we also have the opportunity to create a much better world once and for all. Liberty and justice are non-negotiable, and we have figured out the mathematical formulas to prove it.

I appreciate your attention,


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Written by   101
1 month ago
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Hey man! I really enjoyed reading this article. It sums up this paradigm shift very well. Keep on the good Work! :0)

All the best, Solar Phasing

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Hey mate, thank you for stopping by and reading this! Have a great day!

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1 month ago

Amazing i really enjoyed reading this article

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1 month ago

Thank you for the words of encouragement :)

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