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The journey of being in the moment with yoga

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1 month ago

I finished 13 years as a yoga instructor and student. Today, although yoga seems to be movements with aesthetic concerns, its deepest meaning is unity. "Unity of what?" Are you asking? The unity of thought, emotion, physical body, spirit, macro and micro world...

As we are city people living in the modern world, we can only learn to be in the moment through movements. So movements are just tools, but nowadays they can lead us to the illusion of purpose for inflated egos.

The state of being able to stay in the moment we basically experience with yoga and the courage to get as close to what is as possible...

When you have another thought on the yoga mat, you will fall. You are not aware of the sensations in the body, the breathing, and disability may occur again. When we practice this state, which we learned on the yoga mat, in the chaos of the city, real yoga begins.

Therefore, with yoga, we develop the practice of hearing the here, the here, the truth of this place. I know it sounds easy, but it can be very difficult to listen to the movement of the city and the opinions of others. As we listen, the cramps in our stomach, the movement of the breath becomes clear. We first practice being ourselves on the mat without trying to look like someone else, but the real practice area is always life.

I attach great importance to explaining this integrated state in lessons and trainings. Because I know that if the practice just stays on the yoga mat, it's doomed to die.

The main themes in the yoga program are:

  • Creating your own unique vinyasa teaching style

  • Writing thematic, original intermediate and advanced vinyasa sequences

  • Reinforcing the use of space-opening yoga language in the lesson

  • Learning and teaching advanced yoga poses

  • Creating the ability to teach students at different levels

  • The use of breath and meditation in the classroom and in life

  • Creating a theme, designing the theme and research pose into the lesson,

  • Ability to create sequences according to different levels,

  • To learn the logic of the research pose,

  • Understanding the philosophy of yoga and supporting its integration into life,

  • This program is supported by assignments, readings and advanced teaching practice.​

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Written by   11
1 month ago
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