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Working Towards Monthly 0.1BCH Worth Stable Passive Income for Bills - How Crypto Can Curb Poverty

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1 week ago

Time to gather all the resources I have worked hard for 4 years together to see if there's a way accumulate towards a 0.1 BCH worth goal every month in order to cover all necessary bills and expenses in case my fiat resources dried up.

Hi everyone!

Recently for those who has been following me with all my "little experiments" here and there on CeFi (like Celsius and Nexo) or DeFi like PancakeSwap and ApeSwap, it all boils down to 1 motive I have in mind.

Using Crypto as a stable Plan B for emergency funds when necessary instead of relying on the dying trend of Fixed Deposits in the banking system.

This is also partly because almost 2.5 years my office have been struggling with new projects as we are under the consultant building industry and Malaysia itself especially the capital has been overly saturated with huge pool of competing consultancy companies.

Furthermore ever since my dad almost died from losing too much blood from a stomach ulcer and my mom needed multiple eye surgeries and still in the waiting list for a cornea transplant procedure, the need of paying more attention as a caretaker for the elderly and not enough time for work has pushed me to look into other ways to have a more stable situation that I didn't think of a decade ago.

One does not need to be building a new family to understand the shoulder of the only bread winner of the family. Even with my sibling who is helping along now that the LORD really blessed him with new workloads, his health due to negligence and abuse thinking he is super human (which most of us fall into the same category when young), is not going to be able to assist much further as he too has a family to take care as the bread winner of the house; furthermore, age is catching up for the both of us.

Hence the journey of searching the and testing for the right investments from scratch as a minimal investor and gaining side hustles through blogging began, thanks to my discovery of blogging while earning crypto 4 years back, including building a community that supports such ecosystem ideology.

Create a service to convenient others in order to convenient yourself - Maxwell

This was a quote that stuck in my mind ever since I heard his speech about building a purposeful life propelled me to write intentionally for others to gain knowledge and a journal for myself through my learning experience whenever I blog; and speak intentionally whenever I introduce the crypto ideology to others.

I digress!

So, what has my journey been? Is it possible to reach what the title said, 0.1 BCH worth a month?

At this point of time it is still on an trial and test phase, but I do hope that you (who are reading this) will continue to journey with me till I reach the intended target, from ZERO to the Finish Line.

But How am I going to achieve this?

1. The Ultimate Blockchain "Twitter" - Noise.Cash

I think these days I have spent most of my time on Noise.Cash a lot more because the interaction is a lot more happening, plus it is such a blessing to Receive Blessing and BE a Blessing! My tips are set at 80% author 20% curator default; and even though I am tipping people more than myself, I am actually gaining a lot more readers who liked the way I "tweet" there and I have receive equal if not more blessings from subscribers to supporters on the platform.

Honestly I have earned more in a month in than 6 months on HIVE and STEEM combined.

2. The Blogging of My Learning Journey - Read.Cash

Because of unique rewarding system, this site has truly compelled me to write a little more different, a little more innovative, creative, and unashamed to share my hiccups along the journey learning crypto and show the steps I did for critical comments (if there are any) while I know the algorithm actually rewards a little more when someone is really there noticing my sharing here. This used to be like Steem during the days, but these days but after the drama it is definitely not working much, but I still write there, challenging myself to write in a totally different yet used to be familiar language - Mandarin, to brush up this language once again.

I also love the topical section with customised category that I can set and tag my posts accordingly so that I will know how to "group my writings" together uniquely.

And the best thing of the 1 and 2 above? Earnings do not require maturity dates and I can immediately decide what to do next with my earnings.

3. CeFi

I do know a lot of people may not agree to this, especially those who prefers privacy more than centralised services, but for anyone who is new to crypto and hasn't learn the "shifting around income to grow more income", CeFi like Celsius is a great way to start, because you can start as little as $5 from Noise.Cash or Read.Cash for some prominent weekly dividend back to the native coin BCH / opt for its utility token CEL for portfolio expansion (because this is a growing value at the moment).

However, if you are such an avid writer and a great blogger that you can earn $50 USD worth of BCH a month, then Nexo would be a good place to start with minimum $50 worth of investment to have that hyped up daily 1/2 cent worth of crypto getting back into your wallet, updating until you are ready to withdraw, for free.

Currently I actually do invest with different cryptos on both platforms; one that has around 2 cents worth of dividend daily for Nexo, and 2 cents dividend weekly for Celsius depending which crypto yields a little higher interest.

So far my estimated accumulation is approximatstaely 65 cents a month there; without looking at what token I am earning as dividend to lessen the confusion of its value due to the tokens' rapid fluctuation.

That is (approximately) 0.0013 BCH worth achieved (based on today's price).

4. Blogging on the HIVE and STEEM chain

As you have read in my point 2, I do blogged occasionally on the STEEM chain now with Mandarin; and I also share what I wrote here (investment related) on LeoFinance that sits on the HIVE chain for bigger exposure and wider revenue.

Although these 2 chains doesn't have a guaranteed stable income, and it requires 7 days maturity date in order to determine whether I can get something, I have an average of 20 cents a day revenue if I am very hardworking and post everyday.

And I usually only post once every 3 days at the moment, so let's say 10 days in a month I get roughly around 20 cents (sometimes more sometimes less - but let's be conservatively optimistic) I get around 2 USD worth of revenue there a month; which isn't good, but it is not too bad either

However since I already have been blogging for almost 4 years now from the both chains, especially with STEEM price is steady between 30 cents - 50 cents a steem, I have now started powering down around 24 STEEM a week (around $7.20 USD modestly at 30 cents) for 13 weeks I can invest into DeFi (with a loss of 20% value after all the conversions)

5. DeFi on BSC

Like what I have mentioned on point 4, I have started powering down my STEEM account to expand my portfolio to embark on a risky but full of potential DeFi spacce with considerably high yield that can potentially help me to gain and expand more of my portfolio. A good example is ApeSwap that I recently shared about, with an estimated modest daily dividend worth around 19 cents a day if I put in $5 USD (nett after all the network fees and exchange fees in worth of $BANANA tokens (at the current price of $1.793 per token) a week, I could modestly get around $6.50 USD a month at the same rate, and it will keep growing until 13 weeks finished (from my powering down)

Estimated modestly around $62 a month of dividend after 13 weeks.

These 5 simple steps would have enough for me to achieve 0.1 BCH worth monthly, with the current price of 1 BCH = 514.37...

And that is not compromising BCH's value from and, maintaining its value as it is in CeFi.

That is unless I am willing to $6 worth of BCH weekly just to convert and make use of ApeSwap's current profitable position to gain portfolio before converting back to BCH (losing another possible 20% gas fees and exchange expenses along the way later)

What do you think?

Would this be a nice plan for you to follow suit and stick to such plan, even though you do not have alternative chains to receive income to generate passive income and you may have to sacrifice some of your BCH into DeFi in order to gain faster portfolio and income revenue status?

Do share your thoughts on how you can expand your portfolio much faster and better here too. We can all gain more knowledge and wisdom together.

Disclaimer: This is not a financial advice and this is just an estimated possible income in crypto and can change anytime of its value due to crypto's volatility.

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Written by   49
1 week ago
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I love the write up, also I was really curious, 0.1BCH is MYR220? How do you cover all bills and expenses with RM220?

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1 week ago

Currently I still have a day job , but I have been getting more and more % cut from the office because the office is struggling to survive since MCO. 0.1 BCH is the first step. Once that is done and if I can keep this up, by 13th week it will be 0.1 BCH worth and it will keep growing with more DeFi projects banked in and some will be used to pay bills.

$ 0.00
1 week ago

Wow that was great to see you doing your hardwork and utilizing your time..I know for sure in right time you will achieve that goal of your life. Hoping that we will all achieve our goals 🙏🙏

$ 0.60
1 week ago

Congratulations for winning the spin!

$ 0.00
1 week ago

Thanks for the encouragement, but what do you think? If that's you, would you set aside such a plan to get 0.1 BCH a month? Is this a practical plan to execute?

$ 0.00
1 week ago

I hope it would be a great help but how i wish there's nothing to be lost and lets research more for more updates or ingo for us to come up with a great plan .

Thats my article if i have much knowledge about imvestment it couldn't happen to me i hope u will have time to read it too. Godbless dear . And thank s for sharing your knowledge. More article to come. .

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1 week ago

Apparently your account has been marked as spam and you were just a in a few days ago. The best thing for the algorithm to see you as genuine account is that you will at least need to update your profile. Otherwise whatever you try to write here will eventually still be marked as spam due to lack of profile information provided.

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1 week ago

Oh no but why😥

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1 week ago

This is nice if you will be able to get .1bch every month. It can cover your monthly needs especially if youre in the Phil.

$ 0.02
1 week ago

I think at this point of time. Everywhere will have the same issue. Don't look at the "wealthy countries" think everything is well and dandy there; just by the world news of late, they are no better than country in South East Asia now. I think everything could work if there is a discipline to it and also - stick to the plan. Then I think it does eventually build up well but can't get this done like an overnight miracle.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Are you from the Philippines?

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1 week ago

Not sure if you do this or not, but you can publish your posts on multiple blogs. Publish0x also pays crypto--that's what steered me to Noise.Cash and from there to here.

Read.Cash seems more profitable than Publish0x and the writing experience is way better, but you can still earn a little extra for the writing effort you already invested. When I re-publish, I just add a note to the bottom that says, "This article was previously published at <URL>."

It's not a lot, but it's a few extra dollars per month (paid in crypto). You can also tip other articles a few times a day and, like Noise.Cash, pick what percentage you keep and what goes to the author.

$ 0.02
1 week ago

Thanks for the reminder! I do have a publish0x account just that I don't post there as often as the editing tools especially image resizing isn't as good; but occasionally I do post it there, but will be the first drop off post for better noticing from "Rusty" the RandomRewarder algorithm. However for busy people, crypto related posts has a better chance on LeoFinance especially if you have a HIVE account which has seamless internal trading and 1% withdrawal fee, compared to the ridiculous high fee if linked with Metamask on ETH blockchain.

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1 week ago