Starting the Year with Clean-ups

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1 year ago

2021 has ended, and how I wanted to just sleep the whole day and do nothing....

But I know I have been procrastinating to look into my terrarium box that has been neglected due to long hours of work and at the same time I was taking care of my mom and settling house chores first.

However I know that the salad garden is becoming too disarray and it really time to have a proper trim

Moreover there could be some mealybugs sipping in looking at the salad looks "very healthy"

But my worry became my nightmare!

True enough when I started harvesting, I already spotted some "cottons" around that is usually the signs of mealybug nests...

And it is even more horror when I see most of the healthy big leaves were already laced with mealybug eggs all over!

And the more I checked, the more horror I see! You can actually see mealy bugs staring to hatch from the cotton nests, and they actually move, jut very slowly... and when I was moving the salad stems around, they just stopped and "play dead"

I had no choice but to start with Collateral Damage

Starting with throwing away those stems were all laced with either baby bugs / eggs... It was so heart breaking because those plants looked healthy but they were all entirely infected. Moreover I had to immediately spray with water based aerosol to kill the bugs before the adults jumps out.

Yes.... they can jump!

The more horrifying is that when I started spotting the bugs have infested the soil.... all the small dots are the eggs as well as seeing some of the baby mealy bugs moving around.

I had to do the unthinkable; just like when we take anti-biotics the medication actually eliminate all the good and bad bacteria, so did it happened when I poured the "infected soil" into boiling hot water, in the process I also accidentally killed a tiny earthworm along the way.

It was really heart breaking, but the soil is actually good soil specially brewed for the terrarium box, and the last time I "killed a soil like a nuclear bomb of a whole pot of boiling hot water", I managed to let the soil rest and revived with the good microbes later on.

Thankfully, I didn't have to use that method on the entire box! Or else I would have to let it rest a whole week after every "good inhabitant" were practically genocide, which is literally killing the soil itself too.

However, I did have to clean up every single stalk of salad, double and triple checking which are good to wash, keep and replant; while the bad ones in to the bag and sprayed with poisonous aerosol.

All in all after almost 6 hours of checking and tending and letting the cuts nourished with water (before replanting) a whole new bed of salad is ready!

Hopefully they will be given a chance to grow, and I will need to look for a proper new box to transplant them over later / get the same size and just use the cover because the cover was broken and it was exposed to attack a lot more.

But all was not lost though...

At least I got a really good box of fresh greens that are still edible for either cooking or salad...

And me and my family had a yummy treat with fresh harvested greens as part of a home made soupy prawn-based soup with Sarawak instant noodles (which is very very different from usual ramen)

Still a good day's work! I must say!

How about you?

Was your first day of the year a sublime restful day? I do hope that it wasn't as hectic as mine, getting my hands dirty, literally!

Until then

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1 year ago


I love makes me happy☺️

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1 year ago

Yes, it gives a soul peace haha

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1 year ago

my first day of the year was a good and pleasant one, spent with my family, play, joke and had a good time with them, it was one of the best so far. hope the rest of the year would be better compare to the previous ones

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1 year ago

Great that you had some really quality time with your family at the start of the year!

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1 year ago