Braving the Universe Bridge Seas for my NFT HERO

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2 years ago

The door opens and screeches.... the Tavern was damp but the lights were lit all around...

"I need a HERO, one with the balls to cross the ridged seas of Harmony that bridges over to a new universe to Crystalvale"

There were silent for a short while... no one responded with words with blank eyes staring.... as if this seems to be a suicide mission.

Gulped with a little trail of sweat, looking around, with the shiny jewels in my hand , "no one? Anyone?"

Hesitated, I was just about to turn around and leave; suddenly there was a huge snow white skeleton-ed wing stopped my steps...

Skin as dark as bronze, jade-liked hair of sharp brown eyes looked up to me,

"you need those with balls at the top or the bottom?" she chuckled and smirked....

And that was how I acquired Diomine Volegaru, the Shapeshifter that was supposed to belong in its original Crystalvale realm (if not mistaken) but somehow was found in Serendale Tavern due to different summoning(?)

However, taking the opportunity that $JEWEL is still yet revived to its stronger value due to Harmony's double hack attack, this NFT was not a HUGE HOLE burnt in the wallet compared to the first Basic NFT acquired.

Fortunately my Binance's savings vault has completed its cycle so I used a tiny chunk to acquire this NFT instead.

However with the instability of the Harmony network recently, this was the only HERO I liked that still has potential to summon more heroes in the future. Crystalvale HEROes are a bit pricey as I didn't want a common card.

Let the bridging process begin!

As usual, to bridge over / travel over to the DFK Chain Crystalvale, the most direct approach was using the Docks; though I often use Synapse interface to bridge over the coins, never NFT.

So using the most basic approach should be "safer" (fingers crossed!)

As I have recently read that new summons that are happening in Crystalvale will no longer be needing Tears from Serendale, this time I am just bridging the HERO over and nothing else.

I have heard horror stories of HEROes stuck in limbo, so I can't afford to send levelled up HEROes over until I have "tested the waters". Besides most HEROes I have are from Serendale; in case they are "less effective" in Crystalvale, having a "localised HERO" might work better? Who knows?

Just like any other quests; from Meditation (level up). Every first time will need to "activate" the bridge by approving the contract that my account allows the bridging process to begin.

Fortunately the traffic isn't very high; 111 GWEI was sufficient to establish the bridge for "crossover".

Once it is readily activated, the next thing would be bridging over with loads of fingers crosses and prayers that it doesn't get stuck.

Recently Metamask has been a bit "laggy" in responding. Not certain does it have anything to do with much bot attacks and attempting hacks on the harmony chain (maybe via Metamask) that is causing all these lagging to happen; nevertheless, being careful is an utmost priority here. If you have VPN, be sure to make full use of it during these sort of transactions, especially via exchanges these days. You'll never know "who is watching".

There was no particular indicator though saying how the bridge is... the last time I bridged $JEWELs over it automatically switches to DFK chain. I guess this time the UI isn't there...

Now, we wait... and then we switch... off to Crystalvale!

Fortunately, this round, perhaps after all the FOMO and FUD, the traffic is less horrific today and Diomime managed to cross over safely without a scratch!

And since my new acquired HERO's dominant profession is fishing, let's see if there's any favour for first timers in this section... or will it be all trash?

I must say that the graphics for Crystalvale is less pixalated which is more and more interesting as the game-fi / de-fi continues to develope.

Good thing is that the interface is still exactly the same, so there are no "relearning" for making quests. Just that this time I don't need to always double check the gas fees; and the $JEWEL used are actually partially burnt away for process creating more scarcity for the protocol token as the day go by.

Did the new HERO find anything from the pond?

I guess the beginner's luck is still charming on newly "out of the oven" HEROes. Even the bloater is fancier in the Crystalvale. The graphics have indeed stepped up its game.

Unfortunately all these items are yet tradeable; so this is just plain collecting at the moment compared to Serendale where the items still fetch a bit of $JEWEL and $ONE.

I guess I will take my time sending the rest of the HEROes over later and keep them mining more $JEWEL for expenses later.

Overall experience: Not too bad; not too bad. There's no heart attack today.

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2 years ago


You know what, I tried to read s_l_o_w_l_y yet and able to understand 20% and of course the jade-liked hair. Am here to get exposure so not so 'katak di bawah tempurung' haha. This looks like a cool project. And will get you the result/goal you desire. 💪💪

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2 years ago

ah ha ha ha ha... my dear sis. I think I would suggest you to go straight in from Crystalvale. If you need help to get your capital there safely first then DM me. Will walk you through.

Serendale is now in a situation like certain province from China restricting its citizen from moving about / cashing out from ATM with their own money. So it is safer to just go into the new (extended version) world directly

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2 years ago