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There is a quote saying "Work Smarter not Harder" I believe a lot of people knows that, but what if we change it up a bit and say "Work smarter AND harder"? Does it makes any difference to you? Well it should be because now as I write this article we will commence the reality that we are in and how we will work smart and hard in this world that we have right now.

"You're own your own kid" - Taylor Swift

Advents of Working smart & harder

In life were we faced multiple of triumphs and trials we can imagine the face that without pursuing anything we might give up once and for all. But "giving up" should not be an option to our society, because the world we are living in is something that needs to work harder and persuaded for. Life is not that easy that's why a lot of people come up with different tactics to resolve that conflict inner or outer forces.

It's true that we are not exempted o the battle of this world, in any phases in our life we can be involved in such different types of matter to the point that we don't know where to start. Whether young or old, we experience various sorrows of this world. Whatever the situation or circumstance in life, we can overcome it but there are times when we don't know where we are going.

As seen in the image above, the youngster is clearly scratching even in the bright sunshine. Children like this are very uncommon today because their faces are glued to their technology. However, not everyone is like this, and this child who is willing to make sacrifices for their lives is something should be saluted to.

Now why work smarter and harder? Because today's life is not easy, we have gone through many tragedies that this world has to offer such as the pandemic, but if we look at it for three years, little by little we are overcoming everything. Why work smarter not harder instead of work smarter and harder? Because our thinking and our willingness are linked to our actions, our habit of continuing everything even if it's difficult what we carry, we really need to include our thinking and persistent heart.

Now let's minced up the two words together and combine it later on shall we?
WORK SMARTER. Life is just like a mathematical problem either you solve it or provide the right answer. But just like math equations it is not that easy to solve, or in lay mans term it is not easy to overcome or go through. That's why working smarter is a must for us to come up with a solution and later on we can fix. Working smarter doesn't mean you have to be smart academically, this is about working smarter in any circumstances in your life or how ill you address something without giving up to problem you have. This requires deep thinking or you know you are determined to choose which path will you take under these not-so-good circumstances.

WORK HARDER. This is somehow the opposite of working smarter but also similar in some sort of way. Because here you use your everything to pursue anything. Get it? It's like you don't care on what maybe the consequences will may be and the only thing you had in your mind is to work harder. Not all people are capable of doing anything as they pleased, that's why you work harder to attain that goal you wanted to have.

TO SUM AND COMBINE. "Work Smarter and Harder " always in your life, you can think in the best possible way by thinking straight and not holding yourself back. You think for the best solution and you work hard to find it and then pursue it later on. Life is not that easy don't you think? That's why keep in mind that no matter what life gives you, don't give up and at the end of the day you already pursue it last time and you know to yourself you can do it again.

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True sir. Work smarter is really important din talaga kasi yan mag hehelp para maging smooth yung nasimulan mo till the end.

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