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Is Splinterlands a Good Investment? 18 Months Later ... ROI and considerations

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8 months ago

Cover Image: Logo image owned by Splinterlands - Edit by @libertycrypto27- Font used is Open Source

I became a happy Splinterlands player on October 19, 2019 when I decided to pay the $10 entry fee that many months ago was called Starter Set while now it is called Spell Book.

Since October 19, 2019 more than 18 months have passed (exactly 18 months and 14 days) and after all these months Splinterlands is still my favourite blockchain based game.

Almost always, games based on blockchains are never just games but can also be considered real investments.

This dual game/investment aspect is especially applicable to Splinterlands.

Splinterlands in fact offers:

- the possibility to receive cards completely free of charge from the completion of daily quests and from the completion of fortnightly quests (the Splinterland seasons)

- the possibility to buy and sell NFTs (game cards)

- the ability to buy and sell the game's native tokens (Dark Energy Crystal)

- the possibility to generate passive income by using DEC tokens in the farms of some DeFi projects like: CubFinance ( or Uniswap.

So far Splinterlands has proven to be for me not only a fun game but above all a good investment.

For this reason I write a report every month in which I completely leave out the strategic and playful aspect of Splinterlands and exclusively consider the financial aspect of Hive's most famous card game.

Note: In the numbers in this report the comma "," and the dot "." are both decimal separators.

Here are the topics I will cover in this monthly report:

Report topics

- Final Result Previous Report

- Valuation of Splinterlands as an Investment (after 18 months)

- Total Investment Cost

- Total Revenues

- Value of my card collection

- Value of accumulated DEC tokens

- Revenue from selling DEC tokens

- Value of Plots

- Revenue from Farms DEC - BUSD LP (CubFinance)

- Profit/Loss calculation

- ROI Calculation

- Final Considerations

- Month by month history of my investment in Splinterlands.

- Does anyone who signs up today still have a chance to make a good profit?

- Considerations

Final Result Previous Report

As with all my previous reports, the starting point for this latest Splinterlands monthly report of mine is the result I recorded in my previous monthly report

In the following two graphs you can see the Profit and ROI that I recorded last month in my previous report.

After a little more than 17 months I had a total profit of 687.68 $ and a ROI of 246.69 %.

Now it's time to check whether after a further month my profit has increased in value or decreased in value.

Valuation of Splinterlands as an Investment

(after 18 months)

To evaluate any investment it is always necessary to compare costs and revenues.

Below I will calculate the total costs I have incurred to date and the total revenue I have earned to date.

Total investment cost

The total cost of my investment on Splinterlands is given by the following sum:

Subscription cost (Starter Set: 10$) + Total cost of Cards purchased + Total cost of DECs purchased + Total cost of Plots purchased

From the date of my last report (March 26, 2021) and until today May 3, 2021 I have purchased 24 packs of Untamed cards from the marketplace because I found really good prices.

I spent a total of 45.28 HIVE which at the time of my purchase had a value of 34.27 $.

For this reason, the total cost of my investment has increased and is now the sum:

total investment cost previous report + cost of buying 24 packs of Untamed cards

278,76 $ + 34.27 $ = 313.03 $.


In the game of Splinterlands the revenues consists of:

- the market value of the Cards that compose a collection of cards

- the value obtained from the sale of the cards

- the value of the DEC (Dark Energy Crystal) tokens accumulated and not reinvested.

- the value obtained from the sale of the DEC tokens.

- the market value of the purchased plots.

- The value obtained from the sale of the plots.

- The value obtained from the use of DEC tokens in a Farm.

How much are my cards worth?

To find out the total dollar value of my card collection, I always use the Peakmonsters website (, which in the Collection section provides a calculation of the value of my card collection.

The peakmonsters site calculates the value of my collection based on two different prices: Market prices and List prices.

To calculate the value of my card collection I always consider the lower of:

- the total value using Market Prices.

- the total value using List Prices.

Note: In the calculation of revenues these two values are estimated values because they both consider the case in which all cards are sold at the indicated prices.

In reality, there are cards that are easier to sell and others that are less easy to sell, even though up to now I have always managed to sell all the cards I put on the market at the lowest market price.

If I wanted to calculate the precise value of my card collection I would have to consider only the BID Price (the immediately monetizable value) for each card in my collection and the calculation would become very time consuming because I have 1447 cards in my collection (4163 BCX) and for this reason I am content with an approximation.

On 26 March 2021 my card collection had a value of $819.63 (using Market prices)

Today 3 May 2021 my card collection has a value of 1164,44 $ (using Market prices)

The value of my card collection has also increased this month: + $344.81 compared to the value I recorded in the previous month.

A higher increase compared to the previous month, but in small part due to the value of the cards I found inside the 24 packs of Untamed cards.

How much are the DEC tokens I have in my wallet worth?

The DEC (Dark Energy Crystal) are the Tokens native to the game of Splinterlands that can be used to buy various elements of the game (cards, potions, card packs, plots...) or can be sold and bought on HiveEngine/LeoDex or can be used on certain farms (DeFi).

For each battle won, every Splinterlands player receives a certain amount of DEC tokens as a reward, which depends on several factors:

- the rating

- the level of the guild they belong to (Guild Bonus)

- the use of specific cards in battle (Gold, Promo, Alpha)

- the consecutive number of battle victories (Streak Bonus)

Thanks to my gaming activity, the cards I sold this month, the completion of daily quests and the Splinterlands end-of-season rewards, I have a total of 84054 DEC tokens in my Splinterlands internal wallet (previous month: 68367 DEC tokens).

Today May 3, 2021, the dollar value of 84054 DEC is 84.11 $ (Highest Bid on LeoDex/HiveEngine)

Returns from the sale of DEC tokens on Hive Engine

I have almost always used DEC tokens to buy cards to add to my collection, and on one occasion I sold DEC tokens in exchange for HIVE tokens.

On October 5, 2020, I sold 81000 DEC tokens on the Hive Engine marketplace and received 400.14 HIVE in exchange for a value at the time of sale of 64.8 $.

How much are my Plots worth?

On November 21, 2020 I purchased 3 Plots at a price of 7500 DEC each for a total cost of 22500 DEC whose $ value at the time of purchase was 19.66 $.

The plots can be purchased directly from the Splinterlands website at the price of $20 but they can also be purchased on LeoDex/HiveEngine (34 HIVE) but at the time of writing this post it is more convenient to buy them from the Splinterlands website where there is also a 20% discount for those who buy the plots using BAT tokens as payment method (last month the best price was on HiveEngine/LeoDex)

In my report I consider the value of the Highest BID on to be 22.20 HIVE per plot.

So the total value of the three plots in my possession is 22.20 HIVE * 3 plots = 66.6 HIVE = 43.55$ (value 26 March 2021: 23.90$)


For the first time in my report I am including the revenue I got from Farm DEC-USBD LP at

In April I started using the Farm DEC-USBD on CubFinance in which I have put 23104 DEC tokens to work and so far I have earned 1,052 CUB tokens whose current value is $2,694

Profit and ROI

Now I have all the data I need (Total Costs and Total Revenues) to calculate any profit or loss I have made so far in 18 months and 14 days on Splinterlands.


( Revenues - Costs )

Despite increasing the cost of my investment in Splinterlands the profit has increased and is my best result to date.

In fact in the previous monthly report the profit grew by $295.08 and after just over a month the profit has grown by $358.88.

As you can see from the calculations in the image below my profit after 18 months and 14 days since my registration on Splinterlands is now $1046.56 (previous report $687.68)


( Return On Investment )

The profit of $1046.56 corresponds to a ROI of 334.33% (previous monthly report ROI 246.69%).

Final Considerations

For the second month in a row Splinterlands continues to amaze me.

I thought the result of the previous report was exceptional but instead the profit increased again and surpassed the previous month's result.

In almost 18 and a half months I made a profit of $1046.56 and achieved a ROI of 334.33%.

But the best aspect to consider is that I achieved this profit and ROI in the nicest way possible: by playing and having fun!

Splinterlands proves to be a great game but also a great investment!

Month by month history of my investment in Splinterlands

Below you can see the history of my personal investment on Splinterlands regarding the ROI and Profit I have obtained month by month and from the sixth month onwards.

The trend of ROI from the sixth month onwards is as follows:

- ROI after 6 months: 34.73 %

- ROI after 7 months: 77.02 %

- ROI after 8 months: 10.93 %

- ROI after 9 months: 34.33 %

- ROI after 10 months: 16.99 %

- ROI after 11 months: 57.68 %

- ROI after 12 months: 118.59 %

- ROI after 13 months: 113.41 %

- ROI after 14 months: 111.62 %

- ROI after 15 months: 121.26 %

- ROI after 16 months: 140.84 %

- ROI after 17 months: 246.69 %

- ROI after 18 months: 334.33 %

The trend of the PROFIT from the sixth month onwards is as follows:

- PROFIT after 6 months: 27.99 $

- PROFIT after 7 months: 82.346 $

- PROFIT after 8 months: 24.214 $

- PROFIT after 9 months: 78.902 $

- PROFIT after 10 months: 44.014 $

- PROFIT after 11 months: 149.437 $

- PROFIT after 12 months: 307.279 $

- PROFIT after 13 months: 316.13 $

- PROFIT after 14 months: 311.16 $

- PROFIT after 15 months: 338.02 $

- PROFIT after 16 months: 392.60 $

- PROFIT after 17 months: 687.68 $

- PROFIT after 18 months: 1046.56 $

But whoever signs up today still has a chance to make a good profit?

As is almost always the case with all successful games, those who have signed up for Splinterlands from the start have made a great investment and made a great profit.

The logical question a new player might ask themselves is this:

If I sign up today will I have the same chance of making a great profit?

I can't answer this question because I don't have the ability to predict the future (unfortunately :) but I still see a lot of potential in the game of Splinterlands.

Those who sign up now will receive fewer rewards than those who signed up a long time ago because in the past the rewards were much higher.

I continue to promote and recommend Splinterlands for the following reasons:

- it is a fun game

- It offers several earning possibilities (daily and fortnightly rewards, DEC sales, cards sales, DECs that can be used in some Farms).

- 2 upvotes per week from the @steemmonsters account on posts that participate in weekly contests

- the registration fee of 10$ is recovered entirely with the upvotes received for participating in 2-4 weekly contests (the weight of the vote depends on the quality of the post but I have never seen a post that participated in a contest without a vote from Splinterlands)

- there are lots of giveaways, there is a weekly trivia challenge and contests and giveaways on Twitter that offer the chance to get cards for free.

Will ROI and Profit grow in the next month or will they decline?

Follow me to find out ;)

I hope you liked this post and I thank you for taking the time to read it :)

Not a Splinterlands player?

If you are not a Splinterlands player, you are missing out on a unique opportunity to have fun while earning cards and DEC.

If you decide to register, you can do so from this link:

Of course if you'd like to use my refferal link... :)

If you use a refferal link when registering for Splinterlands you have the following advantage:

Splinterlands is a great game but it has also proven to be a good investment (at least so far) and if you regularly participate in the weekly contests organized by the @splinterlands account you will recoup the cost of registration in a few weeks.

Any game that allows you to buy cards and tokens is never just a game, it is also an investment.

I am not a financial advisor and my advice is not financial advice, it is just my personal opinion based on my experience.

If you decide to invest in the Splinterlands game you do so at your own choice and risk.

See you on the Splinterlands battlefields.

Unless otherwise indicated, the images in this post are screenshots taken from the sites:

The font used in my images or images edited by me is Open Source

Follow me also on:






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