The role of money in human life

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There is no greater power in the modern world than money. Money wards wars and ensures the well -being of entire nations and regions. So many crimes are committed because of money or the use of money. And at the same time, thanks to money, people create the greatest inventions, perform tasks, explore new lands and conquer new worlds. Money is organized by modern society and the state. The lives of modern peoples, states and entire communities of the world are subject to money. Money is an outstanding achievement of mankind. They created modern civilization. Without money, a person would still wear animal skins, and as a labor force use animals or their own kind, which became slaves.

How can someone go into space, create artificial intelligence and other wonders of modern civilization, if there is no money?

Two of man’s greatest inventions created modern civilization. The first was writing, which organized man from the animal world and created the possibility to accumulate experience and knowledge and transfer them to descendants and other people without direct human contact. The second is money. Money created the possibility of managing the affairs of a person and society in terms of ensuring their benefits without the direct influence of people on each other.

The role of money in history has continued to increase, and today our civilization has reached a state where its value has become entirely decisive. One hundred, even fifty years ago, many human communities did not know money or used it in their daily lives in a very limited way. The end of the 20th century was a period of complete and total “making money” of the entire human community. In the modern world, a person cannot do without money as well as without water, air and food. In today’s society, a person without money is literally doomed to death, and in the shortest possible time.

Or another example. Imagine a large plant equipped with modern equipment, where skilled workers and other skilled workers, raw materials, and products of this business are expected by consumers. However, the business still remained and did not function. And the reason is that in some mysterious banking computer there are no numbers - no money in the company's account.

Even the desert “watered” by money will blossom and become the Garden of Eden. And the best place for life, without money, would be a burial of sorrow and suffering.

What became the lives of people in the modern world without money is clearly seen in the example of Kampuchea in the days of Pol Pot. Three million dead - that's the price of the experiment to eliminate money.

Society can be controlled either by force or by money.

We know very well from our own experience how the mechanism of social and economic life is destroyed when the monetary system is disturbed. The consequence of this was the general crisis of the country, which covered the state, economic, social, legal and other spheres of life.

Money for us is a way to express our desires, fulfill obligations, achieve revenge and revenge. The secret power of money binds us all - brothers and sisters, young and old - with bonds of love and envy, pity and anger.

Money does not leave anyone indifferent. Some are convinced that if they had more money, their lives would be better, and they would find happiness. Others, who have a lot of money, seem to be constantly worried about how to get more money, how to spend it and not lose it. Money doesn’t leave anyone indifferent, and you hardly find someone who is satisfied with how much money he has and how he uses it.

The poor have different concerns from the rich, but family disputes generated by money are often similar in socio-economic differences. For most of us, money is so deeply woven into our lives that the problems associated with it affect our health, our close relationships, and our interactions with our children and parents. This is a problem that is always with us.

Money is not just cash that allows us to buy different things. With money, you can buy education, health, safety. You can buy time to enjoy beauty, art, company of friends, adventure. With money, we help our loved ones and give our children more opportunities. Having money, you can buy goods and services or save such an opportunity for the future or for your descendants. Money is an instrument of justice that we change for the harm done to others. Equitable distribution of money in the family and in society ensures equal opportunity for all. Money can serve as a symbol of all the best in life: material wealth, education,

Although we know how many good things in life money have to do, each of us knows the problems it creates. Worrying about money can cause a lot of grief. Wealth often carries the seal of a curse and brings more misfortune than joy. Many of us indulge in the most bitter despair of earning too little, or fear that lack of money will hurt us or our children. Money is not only a symbol of all the good things in life, but also the root of all our problems.

Everyone understands that money often causes happiness or unhappiness, but in almost all segments of society there is a general taboo in any conversation about our personal relationship with money. It is considered bad form to talk about how much it costs, who earns how much and who has how much money. Therefore, money has very rarely become a topic of open discussion between parents and children, husband and wife, siblings, friends, and even between the therapist and his patient.

Money is a type of energy that drives our civilization. A similar situation has emerged in the course of human development recently; this is not always the case. In the past, the source of energy that strengthened interactions between people was land or animals, or slaves, or natural resources (water, salt, iron), or weapons. And although people always use something - something or a natural resource as the primary source of energy - none of these things or resources can be that mechanism that money is in our time - the only thing that accepts all aspects of human life and constitute a fundamental element of modern culture. Now money is the driving force in the world.

Money is dirty. Freud was the first to realize that money has a hidden meaning. However, he saw only the negative side of them. For him, money symbolizes dirt and is associated with something disgusting and disgusting. Perhaps that is why it is not customary to talk about money at most levels of society.

Freud rebelled against the hypocrisy of the main religion of the Victorian era, with a condemnation of what was considered a “basic” part of human nature: the body, sexuality, and material desire. He broke the taboo prohibiting sex as an integral part of human life. However, Freud did not do the same with money - perhaps because he believed that the lust for money was not a precedent, childlike attraction, or perhaps because in Freud’s time money had not yet become a universal source of energy. now. - the only symbol that reflects any desires.

The taboo that prevents money from taking place in our understanding of human nature is still in place. Even therapists, who do not hesitate to deal with all sorts of issues related to gender and power, rarely deal with anything related to money. They expressed almost no rational consideration of how money can play an important role in personal development. Most people do not think to consult a therapist when they are plagued by financial conflicts. However, due to the money controversy, perhaps more marriages are left over than for any other reason. Money guilt is perhaps the most important of all the problems that create separation between parent and child, brother and sister.

For the world today, money means the same thing that in the Middle Ages meant salvation of souls. The most important war of the 20th century was not fought over religion, but over money. The question remains: is there a place for spirituality in our modern understanding of people? And if so, how holiness relates to money.

In the past, the relationship between our spiritual obligations and material desires was governed by organized religion. While holiness has ceased to be an essential element of our self, our sense of self is increasingly determined by material lust, greed and addiction. The balance is disturbed and the material urges are out of control.

Today, money is the primary reflection of the material world, the “basic” world, whose roots go to the physical needs of our body, to desire and fear. Spirituality, on the other hand, is a reflection of our best qualities, the ability to pity others, the “higher” world of the search for the meaning of life, striving for unity and community.

Money can also be one of the elements that make manifestations of holiness possible. They allow us to be compassionate, to do justice, to "love our neighbor." However, finding money for selfish purposes is contrary to spiritual values. Where is the line between self-love and love for others. Answering this question means solving a problem of our dual nature.

In today’s society, money is the energy that moves the world as a bargaining chip that serves to satisfy all desires. The thirst for money reflects the desire to own a Porsche (specifically a Porsche, not just a car to drive); the need to have a country house (similar to a country house, and not just a roof over your head); the need to feast on cakes and sweets (and not just satisfy hunger). Thirst for money is an artificial need that characterizes all other artificial needs - to be thin and beautiful, and not just healthy and strong; being influential and admirable, not just having a good job;

These are all artificial needs, and the symbolic thirst for money reflects an unbridled desire to satisfy them. To get all these things, we offer in exchange our bodies, our time, our love and our peace of mind.

In the lives of many people, money has become the main bargaining chip for love. When we love someone, we try to take something from him and at the same time give him something. The duality of this purpose makes love problems difficult. Money also affects our personality, making us selfish or altruistic. But if you can love and at the same time be loved, then when it comes to money, we often choose between selfishness and altruism.

For each of us, money forms a special inner world, a hidden life, that may not be revealed on the outside. Inside each of us, perhaps, sits a secret miser or philanthropist. We are tormented by intense feelings of guilt or unquenchable lust. Happiness and sadness are part of the secret meaning of money. Everyone has a different behavior with money, and for many of us, this habit determines the nature of all our other relationships. We have seen that the secret meaning of money can be restored in various dimensions and with a wide range of manifestations, down to the most poignant. For example, money can be used to express hatred or love, to help or exploit people.

What is being said today in all parliamentary and government meetings, in meetings with the president, in thousands of newspaper articles, in many TV programs ... about the lack of money.

But if you think about it, it can’t cause a surprise. Ten years ago, the country's budget was characterized by the amount of tens of billions of rubles, and at the same time there was always talk about the lack of money. Now the budget is in the hundreds of trillions. Again, we hear about the catastrophic lack of money. And if the budget is in the millions of trillions. Funny, then they will say there is enough money. Until recently, we received salaries of one hundred or two hundred rubles and were satisfied. Now even a pensioner receives thousands of rubles and complains about the lack of money. And if he receives a hundred million, are we sure he will be richer.

As such, it is not a question of quantity of money, but something completely different. The point is, first of all, in the money functioning system. And the value of money itself is a secondary issue.

This is why it is important to know and understand how money works in modern society.

Unfortunately, this knowledge is often hidden in society. People who run a society with money are not eager to share their knowledge in this area with the public. Conversely, in this area legends are specially created and disinformation is being prepared, public attention is shifted to all sorts of secondary issues from really important points.

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In modern life, it is simply unrealistic to imagine a normal, and more of a dignified existence of a person without money. And those who still say that the role of money in human life is not at all the main role in human lifethey say, without them, you can be happy and other heresies - either hypocrites, or just saints. Unfortunately, especially now, it is almost impossible for a person to achieve success and prosperity in life without a financial base. And, despite the fact that money itself is an ordinary piece of paper, it gives people the widest opportunity in implementing life’s plans and ideas. Moreover, now it is impossible to buy even food without money, not to mention any more. So the role of money in a person’s life is far from the last place and played the role that a person would choose for himself.

In general, it can be said that the main role of money in a person’s life is that a person with their help can feel freedom of choice. Moreover, the more money a particular person has, the more freedom he or she will feel in his or her life. After all, having a relatively large amount of money, a person always has a choice: where to go to study, what is the best thing to do in life, where to go to relax, what to buy to eat, where to buy clothes and more. That is, money will open up financial freedom for any person. If there is no money or not enough money, a person falls into despair, because, in fact, he has no choice. A man with wealth,And that is a fact. So the role of money in life still carries significant weight. .

In principle, with the help of money, you can solve many problems: improving your health, buy your own accommodation and car, send children to study at a university, and more. If there is no money, naturally, problems will hang in the air, and moreover, they will continue to grow like a snowball. Now you can’t go anywhere without money, and this is the harsh reality of life.

Another question is when irrational and unscrupulous people are ready to “over their heads” for the sake of money and to achieve their own goals and not skimp on ways. To gain moral satisfaction and financial freedom, you should try to work so that the interests and freedoms of others do not intersect. You must understand that sooner or later a selfish and bad person, even if there are millions behind him, will still be punished. Therefore, to find peace and satisfaction in life, you need to strive for success in yourself, only achieve it in decent ways.

Obviously life without financial stability will not give a person the opportunity to realize himself and achieve great heights. However, you should not get too attached to material and financial well -being, as it can lead to worse consequences and lead to greater unhappiness. It’s pretty hard to jump in your head, so if a person isn’t born into a family of billionaires, or if he or she himself or she can’t build a financial empire, there’s probably no one to help him or her with it. You just need to learn to live within your means and rely on your own abilities.

It should be understood that the role of money in a person’s life is determined only by the person himself ... Thus, so that money does not begin to occupy all thoughts and does not become an obsession, the following is necessary:

1. It is necessary to stop the obsession with the idea that there is always not enough money. Most of the world lives in this state, and somehow copes with its problems. You just need to know to identify the main goals for which you need to spend money from secondary waste. For example, if you need to do home repairs, you need to save funds. And to do this, you need to give up unnecessary acquisitions, that is, you need to save a little bit. By the way, saving is the first step towards financial stability.

2. You should not raise the role of money to a higher rank, and think that they are the ones capable of solving all kinds of problems in life. Unfortunately, this isn’t in all cases, and money really can’t solve everything in life, even if it can protect a person from a lot of pressing problems. In general, we need to take money as helpers who can help achieve certain goals, that is, we don’t have to deliver money, but they should deliver to us.

3. You must carefully rethink all your needs. After all, could it happen that they achieved the highest hand in common sense? It is necessary to clearly understand why a person works and earn his capital. Is it possible the lion’s share of the money earned goes to the wrong need? The main thing is to know how to prioritize goals, and only then seek to achieve them with the help of money. The role of money in a person’s life should not be the most important for him, money should not be on the pedestal... They should allow someone to have fun and other, even small, joys in life - this is what they should do!c complete waste, never rethink anything, set a goal and achievement, and the money itself arrives. And if you start to feel sorry for yourself and reassure yourself that my family is poor and we are, all the next generations will have to drag a beggar’s existence, then of course, in this case, there’s a reason and you can no longer do something funny, and in this case, you have to teach your children like this, otherwise when you understand that it is possible to change the financial situation, then they can come and say - "Mother and Papa, why didn’t you tell me it’s important to set goals, and it’s more important to achieve them ”

I know families where children follow in the footsteps of their parents, in the pictures there are 2 sons and an old man, a father, all three of the fuel oil are on a rusty cent.
- For some reason, they understand the technology - Their father is proud, but it is not necessary to take them to the garage, but to force the books to read, then the brain itself will decide which one is better - Dimensions, Review YOUR NEEDS ON THE LACK OF SIDE, OR TEACH THOSE WITH WEALTH AND FIND A WAY TO ATTRACT HIM ... I just agree that the ways should be legal

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    For a normal person, money is a way of life. But as we age, money can become a hobby for pleasure. Not so much money as the chaos itself and the process if nothing is done. Generally, money pulls you into a pool and you don’t see anything around your family or children, it starts to drag on when women are broken and ask for more. Some don’t give a little at all. Relax more often with your family, with your housewives if you are alone, take money as your favorite job without it and the money will stick. Good luck to the stock market philosophers.

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    Money determines everything except the works of one's heart and soul;

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    Money has always been and will be a very important factor in any person’s life! And to them it is bad and they have nothing more. But it’s better with money than without money - I can definitely say that!

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    Many thanks for the presented material) Money is very important in modern times. What can you do, humanity is building its own life ... More precisely, 1% of humanity dictates how the remaining 99% of people live ...

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    The role of money in our lives is enormous, and it has not changed. Previously, everything was measured in gold, now in rubles, dollars and euros. What to do, just accept it and stick to it, even if not everyone wants it.

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    How do people live in monasteries? They have no money, and judging by their faces, they are the poorest people on the planet ... I recently went and saw with my own eyes.

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    the role of money, to my great regret, is enormous! without them you are nothing and nothing!

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    Of course, they bend to money, it is redundant, but you need to have the necessary amount for a normal life. here, for example, a cracked tooth the other day - they said it was necessary to remove and make a new one. and where can i get 25 thousand? I don’t have ... the role of money is a serious matter ((

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    In my life, money doesn’t play the main role, but to say they are on my side is also not true. You need to have the right attitude to money. Many almost worship them as an idol - this is not true!

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    What is the role of money? In the modern world, the role of pieces of paper is hard to underestimate. Everything is bought / sold, and this is the money. The world in its structure is a market. So you need money to survive. The role of money in the life of a modern person is the main, perhaps ... unfortunately)

Many people think about the role of money in the life of a modern person and the question of whether it is possible to be happy with a small income? A modern man cannot deny himself the pleasures that life has to offer. Everyone wants to dress well, eat good food, live in a nice apartment, and drive a nice car.

Many guardians of morality, repeating the hacked fact that happiness is not in money, are quite cunning.

Surprisingly those who have or who have:

  • The salary is not less than 70,000 rubles / month, and they do not agree to less.

  • He believes they need an immeasurable amount of money for the very important thing, the availability and usefulness of which is under a large mark of inquiry.

  • We are sure that other people can get a small amount or deserve in a more modest way than them. An extremely bizarre behavior, which at one time flourished in society, and now, fortunately, has impaired the handling of the human brain - the opinion that a person is obliged to do something for free, while even saying “thank you” is not necessary.

  • They have a bunch of movable and immovable assets, they are fattening, getting high, looking for money earned in questionable ways. Such people (if they can be called people) have got in their heads that they are the only navel of the world, worthy to live well, and the rest are from “lower” society. They tell people from “lower” societies that happiness is not in material goods, even if they cannot imagine their own happiness and their life without these benefits.

  • Deeply religious person.

This article is not about the above categories of citizens. Here are arguments about the meaning of money in modern society and for an individual person in the context of essential need. Told that there is money for the average person, what opportunities it provides and how you can use it rationally. So also

Money What is known about them?

The history of money begins before our time, during the heyday of great civilizations. Previously, people only exchanged the necessary things according to the principle of "you - me, I - you," but bills appeared, for a certain amount for which it was possible to become the owner of the desired object.

Money is a system of measures designed to establish the material, moral or intellectual (scientific) value of an object or person. Now for the money you can own anything: everything is sold and everything is bought. Good or bad, it is impossible to say for sure. On the one hand, remembering the recent Soviet past, clearly: people who lived by communist principles and fought for the idea, believed that socialism would destroy evil on Earth, that everyone should be equally divided, etc. Yes, under the Soviet economic structure this was allowed and it was still necessary to think about it and promote these dogmas in society.

But times have changed: communism has been replaced by market and sometimes gangster capitalism (unfortunately). No more money, as they say, either here or there. It’s just that the problem of today’s society is the existence of a huge chasm (and even a chasm) between rich and poor. There is a middle class, but it is not enough. Either the crazy rich or the poor. Two extremes. It shouldn't be like that. When all people can live with dignity, but nothing too much, and officials will stop stealing - this is a philosophical and rhetorical question.

The value of money for a modern man

Some people find it difficult to prove that money and morality are compatible ... It all depends on care and on the values ​​established in a person, as well as on hard work and perseverance. If a person earns money in his many years of diligent work and gains little material wealth, there is nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, it is surprising that a citizen achieves everything on his own and does not expect help from anyone, including the state. But human envy is a wicked and useless thing.

Money gives a person:

  1. Prosperity: you can buy everything you need and want.

  2. Freedom: get and do what you want.

  3. Opportunities: live as best you can, allow yourself a little or more.

  4. Status: some money allows you to get and do certain things, to enter certain circles.

  5. Confidence: there are many types of situations and difficulties in life, but 95% of them can be solved with the help of money.

  6. Freedom: choice, desire, aspiration.

Moral and moral values ​​are and will remain with them, but it is better to have something to buy food, an apartment, clothes, medicine than to be hungry, homeless, without clothes and without essential treatment. For a worthy and intelligent person, money can provide an opportunity for self-realization and self-improvement, opportunities for development and self-confirmation (in a good way). You can do charity work, sports, purchase inventory and supplies for your hobby. For example, according to the most conservative estimates, the start of skiing for a person costs 10,000 Russian rubles: this includes skis, poles for them, bindings, ski boots, ie. the most necessary equipment. If an employee has a salary of 20,000 rubles, he is unlikely to give half of it to a sports shop for the sake of his desire to become a skier. So the poor man should only dream of skiing, sigh at night and feel low.

Obviously the question of a salary in the amount of 20 thousand should be asked more of politicians than the ordinary person, but in a sad example only about skiing is understood the need for money (and, even better, not so small) in life.

And how many marriages have been ruined because of lack of money! For example, a family is homeless. If it is not possible to buy a separate apartment, and you need to live with your parents, many conflict situations can arise and provoke: both between the couple and between parents and spouse. So, love is good, but you must have a material basis before starting a family.

Reasonable spending of money

Righteousness and prosperity are different concepts for everyone. Someone even 500,000 a month is not enough, but someone at 30,000 manages to survive and save for something they want. However, there are general principles for rational use of monetary benefits:

  • Clearly understand how much money is needed for essential items. These items include food, rent, travel expenses, medication, tuition fees (if any);

  • How much money can you spend on your favorite hobby;

  • How much it is possible to save per month for the desired item (if you need to save and immediately get something there is no way).

You can end the article with the phrase where it began: "Money is not happiness." In obligatory continuation only: "but to them it is easier to realize that happiness is not in them." Money will not bring 100% happiness, but it can make a person happier.

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Another quote that I like: “Money on its own is neither good nor bad. It is a means to an end.” Again, this is not to say that money is not important. It is to say that money is not “dirty,” but money is also not everything. Money is a tool that enables you to protect yourself, to build yourself and your family a better life, and to give back to your community.

Money is important because having money means that you will not be destitute. It means that you are not dependent on being employed, living paycheck to paycheck, and having to put up with abuse by your boss because you badly need your job.

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Money plays very important role in life. In this modern era man without money is suffering so many problems. He can afford good schools to his children. He can get treatment if he has to fall a some chronic illness

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Indeed. Clearly understand how much money is needed for our daily needs.

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