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This is Blue

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1 year ago

Can you see the blue color? is it blue right? Believe me, that is blue. There's no other hue than blue. If you saw different color then you're contradicting my notion. You will become a menace to me and I will do everything to make you understand that that color is blue.

That is an illustration of how society moves today. People with power and ability can render people believe what they are asserting. Due to their power, they can fabricate lies into truth. They can make people believe that that color is Blue. This is happening to our world right now. In which people with influence can speak in front of many people and tell them about their principle. They can persuade the audience due to their flowery words and evidence. Even though there are people who are against their principles, those people can't do anything to resist because they cannot do it, and it can put their lives in danger. When the whole society accepted that fabricated lie, those people who are against that principle can't do anything but abide by it.

This transpired around the world. Those people in government who had powers can manipulate everything in their surroundings. They can persuade the people about what they are saying due to their popularity. One concrete example of it what happened in America when Joe Biden wins the election. Donald Trump doesn't want to accept he didn't win in the election. That is why he organized a public speech telling that the election has been a fraud. Due to their influential background as the ex-president of the United States, many Americans believed in him even though he has no concrete evidence proving that Joe Biden cheated at the election. He made everyone believed that the election is a fraud. It made Americans protesting that the election is not valid contending that Donald Trump wins the election. He's really powerful because he had lots of money and supporters that can make everyone believed whatever he said. There are groups of people who want to obstruct Trump's statements but in the end, they still believe in what Trump asserted.

Why do people choose to believe it even it's false? I cannot answer that with concrete evidence but I'll tell you my assumptions why people still believe the fabricated lie.

Afraid to get involve

In my country-Philippines, there are lots of powerful people that you don't want to encounter due to their wealth and power. One of the reasons why people choose to silent because they are afraid to get involved in it. They will just accept it even though it's not true for the reason that they want to live a peaceful life and once they are opposed to it, their lives will be in danger. This happens to common people in which they have no power to contradict whatever the powerful person said.

Here in the Philippines, there are instances that powerful people can fabricate lies into truth. For an instance, you're an ordinary person and you want some changes in an inadequate political system. You've started to protest about corruption happening to the government. There is a high possibility that your life will be in threat because corrupt officials will be affected and they will plan to make you silent forever or they will use their power and connections to frame-up you. Due to their power, people will start to believe that your a dangerous person and you're a threat to society. They will plant false evidence pointing that you do the crime and it will set you into jail.

This is happening to my country and it makes me worried because powerful people can now control society with the use of power and connections. This is the reason why my countrymen choose to keep silent and just accept the fabricated lie.


How money implicated in this topic?. This is the most common reason why human dignity is lost. Money is one of the important things to live in and without it, you can't buy food, clothes, pay electric bills and pay rent. Due to poverty, people will do anything just to earn money even though it came from evil doing. Powerful people are using money to ascertained people what they are letting out. They know that many people will convince by money. This is the reason powerful people have supporters and followers that will subsidize them if they will execute an action even though it can affect the lives of many people.

They will benefit from it

We can't avoid that wickedness spreads everywhere. Some bad people choose to support the evil doing of powerful people because they know they will benefit from it. They don't care about its outcome to many people because they are thinking for their own sake. They are thinking about how they can use the opportunity if the evil-doing will implement.

I can't believe that there are people like this who do everything just for power and position. They didn't think about the outcome of their actions and just saying what they want to say and it makes people believe in them. People who want to oppose them can't do anything due to their status in society. Even though, this type of evil-doing is widespread in our world. I'm still believing that there are good-hearted people in a powerful position that want to eliminate this type of action in society. I want to see someday that everything is equal and money won't control people anymore. Also, I have a dream that everyone will be centralized. Those powerful people will use their power to help others and alleviate the poverty that happened around the globe.

I want everyone believe that this yellow not blue.

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Written by   13
1 year ago
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