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In Search of Food.

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Hello! My Blessings to you who pass through this humble space to read what I write with love, hoping that it will be read by many and can give me your support, input, advice, recommendation, or whatever you think best, to let me know that I'm passing by here. I thank you in advance for clicking on this publication.

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When I saw the publications with the theme of "Food" several ideas came to my head, because who does not like to eat, prepare meals and learn a recipe to please palates. If I'm honest I'm not one of those who make food and their guests lick their fingers, but if I like the food that others prepare that makes me want to lick my fingers and when I have the opportunity I do it on the sly (laughs) by rules of courtesy and education should not be done and I stay with the desire sometimes. I know it is bad manners that we should not put our hands in our mouths while we are eating, my mother always scolded us as children not to do it, so it was not for lack of education, but for not paying attention to her, I confess I am guilty. I love to eat in quantity, it is one of my hobbies.


But this time, I do not come to tell you about recipes, favorite foods, or the few that I do not like, I will do that in another publication, today I come to tell you what happened to many families where food, rather than something normal that is what we do every day to stay alive, became a super difficult activity since food was super scarce. In 2016 the products of the food basket began to disappear little by little. Before that we had been hearing comments that we would no longer see in commercial establishments personal hygiene items such as toilet paper, sanitary napkins, toothpaste, detergents, and disposable diapers, we incredulously laughed at such statements, how could anyone come up with such things? We thought they were just to frighten the population and to make us make nervous purchases, just in case I also made my purchases following the current of what others were doing, thank God I did it because all the predictions were the cruel reality, enough queues under the sun and rain to buy disposable diapers for my baby who at that time used them, as well as the items mentioned above.


But the calamities did not stop there, because another wave of rumors began to roll regarding food and that it would also be scarce, starting with milk and this was joined by several products such as sugar, cornflour, oil, spaghetti among others, it's like the saying "when the river sounds, it is because it brings stones" all the rumors came true. It was exhausting we had to wait in long lines to be able to buy when the merchandise arrived in a store near our community or place of work.


I made a mistake uploading this video and I don't know how to delete it, please don't waste time watching it, sorry. Can you tell me in the comments how to solve it next time please.

I particularly live in a housing development that is in front of where I work, so the food search was in the same sector. The workdays were a bochinche when we found out that a truck arrived to unload merchandise in any nearby business, something that benefited us on the one hand, because in the surroundings there were a few stores and we had several opportunities to buy, on the other hand, brought us problems with bosses and colleagues, we all wanted to go shopping and could not leave the offices alone, so we took turns to queue and buy the products we needed at home, especially food and toiletries that was the most difficult to get normally.


This controversy diminished a little when they began to sell to people according to the number on the end of their identity card so that not all of us had to buy on the same day. It took days, months and even today we still have to wait in line to be able to buy our food.

At that time the salaries were not high, but we had a much better purchasing power than now, we had money in our bank accounts, but we had our hands tied because we did not have to buy. We usually always had breakfast or lunch with the famous Arepas, and to make them we did not have the cornflour, the one we like the most, which is the PAN flour brand, so we had to make them with other ingredients, we bought oatmeal in quantity to make the arepas, they were very tasty but also expensive.

Sometimes when we could buy the PAN flour, we did not make it all at once, but we made it a little at a time to give consistency to the arepas when we made them with oatmeal, pumpkin, carrots, cream of rice, even eggplant, we made them only once and we did not have the taste, that was one day when we had nothing else to eat and we had several eggplants, I had the idea of grating them to knead them with a pinch of flour that we had left, well they were very hard, I exerted all my strength to complete the grating, but that was not the worst, because it did not compact with the flour, they were very bad in presentation, all twisted and even worse in taste, they were itchy and we ate them just like that, what else was left if there was nothing else. The pumpkin ones were too loose and not very filling and the cream of rice ones were too hard and tasted like food.


It is truly the worst time we have ever lived, we became like skinny sticks because we did not eat well and because of everything we had to do to buy the little we could because everything was rationed. We spent whole days standing in long lines under the sun, in the rain, and the worst of the cases under the rain, all that we endured being able to buy, but we couldn't always do that, because after losing a day of work and standing in line, the products were not enough for so many people and many times we came empty-handed. There was a time when I alone would stand in line, my husband said that he was not going to stand in those lines, that they were depressing, the people came out black from so much sun, beaten from so much pushing and shoving and fights that occurred, fainting because many of us left without eating, since we had nothing to buy food with. But then seeing my sacrifices and that even the old and disabled people were waiting in line because he didn't, poor thing also went through a lot of work and is still going through what we are going through now.


All this shortage of food and necessities was what detonated the boom of emigration of our loved ones, many could not stand all that, as their lives were deteriorating and not being able to provide welfare to their children even with a good plate of food, there may be people reading this article who have not gone through all that, they had a higher purchasing power, but from my point of view even the one who had more went through this situation, even if it was to a lesser extent because even if they had had more money, they would have had to go through this situation, This is why not only those who had less purchasing power left but also those who had the means, the wealthiest, looking skinny and ugly, left in search of a better future and above all to eat well, that was the common denominator of those who left in search of food, I say this from my experience.

Final thoughts.


As I said before I decided to write this article because of the dynamics in this channel on the subject, I have read several where they describe their favorite dishes, they show dishes that at first sight leave us with a watery mouth wanting to try them, I also told them that I like to eat too much and that I have hardly tried things that I do not like because even burnt or half raw cakes I eat them (laughs), what I am not very fond of but I still eat them in smaller quantities are the jams because of how cloying they are.


But this time I was talking about a very difficult situation we had to go through to find food and feed ourselves. I started to think about the needs of those people who are very poor and have no way to feed their children, what a pain. I was watching a news item in which a billionaire Elon Musk offered the UN 6 billion dollars if it shows how to end hunger with those funds, I hope they do it and take the initiative to use it in what is needed. There are so many children and elderly who need them, all ages present the need but I am referring to the most helpless and those who cannot work.

Hunger when it hits, no matter the race, age, sex, or religion, is something that I do not wish to anyone, it is the minimum that we should have daily 3 meals. 


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I was reading several articles about food, among them, I liked the one from @Chelle18 titled Meals for Celebrations, all the dishes presented looked delicious, I was surprised to see the Roast Piglet Pork, which I had only seen in the movies, this one looked so golden, rich. If you would also like to write about this topic "Food" you can do so by joining this Promptlyjonica community and following the following rules:

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6.            Have fun writing.



It is a pleasure and a joy for me that you have come this far, I try to shorten my ideas but it is still difficult for me, I hope not to bore you and that you liked the reading, let me know and if you want to read my next post subscribe, it will be of great support.




Article 100% original, although this happened to many, this is my story.


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Written by   38
6 months ago
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Hola como estas, noticia y video viejo, en Venezuela ya no se ven esas colas

Yo estoy en Venezuela

Mucho cuidado con opiniones fuera del contexto actual, porque no seran bien valoradas por la comunidad

Menos las noticias politicas sobre hambre, limosna, crisis, ayuda ... eso ya esta descartado aqui

Read cash es para aportar ideas interesantes y cosas buenas

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6 months ago

Thanks for the suggestions friend, I'm glad you read the article.

But maybe he did not realize that I am talking about the year 2016.

And I didn't know that you couldn't talk about those things.

I don't know he's begging, or anything like that.

It is just a difficult situation that almost all Venezuelans experienced at that time.

I imagine it was somehow affected as well.

I appreciate the limitation and sincerity of him. We are here to help us improve every day, which is what I want.

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6 months ago

correcto, son recomendaciones, yo tengo casi 2 años aquí he leído de todo

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6 months ago

Solo algunas cosas, para que vayas mejorando.

  1. No digas nunca que el articulo es traducido. Solo revisalo bien y despues aplica el Grammarly.
  2. No dejes tanto espacio entre los parrafos, solo un espacio normal.
  3. Evita estas cosas "Clicking on the image directs them to their source", ponle el link y ya, y abajo de la misma imagen cuando la tocas te deja escribir, alli pones: "Image from ____(nombre de la web)"
  4. Pon Creditos al final
  5. Fijate en mi perfil y la forma en que armo el articulo
  6. Interactua en ingles con los demas usuarios, entra en la comunidad Just Write, la que cree, y interactua con ellos. Mucha suerte!
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6 months ago

Thank you, I value your advice a lot. I'm going to fulfill the lyrics to see if I get better with God's favor.

What do you mean by the credits?

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6 months ago

En el final de cada articulo, casi siempre lo terminamos con algo que diga: Creditos. Aqui ponemos todas las referencias, fijate en los mios. Saludos

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6 months ago