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Personal Vlog:Third Eye

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5 months ago

Does the title sound interesting? What is the third eye? I just only knew recently after I watch it in tiktok!

We all have a third eye but it's up to you if you will open it or remain it close. Amazing right? What do you prefer, open or close? Lol!

When I was young I thought that the third eye is located in the middle of my forehead. Just like what we always saw in a movie haha. And when it opens. We will have an invisible third eye in between our eyes and we'll, I guess look like an alien then hehe.

But I'm wrong. The pineal gland which is located at the center of our brain is our third eye! And it is similar to a shape of a peanut but looks like a pinecone or strawberry. Researchers don't have a specific explanation about how it functions but according to their research, it produces Melatonin which helps to regulate sleep patterns. So, it seems mysterious right? Or it's just me who is thinking crazy things.

If you see Ghosts, does your third eye already open? How about some shadows and other multi-dimensional beings? Is this it? Do you already think that your third eye is already open?

Let's share some research which is according to Plato that the most important organ that needs to be saved and taken care of is the pineal gland. Why is that? Because he believed that you only see the truth in here. About what Truth is this, I don't know!

And he said that your third eye is not yet open even if you see some Ghost or other unbelievable creature. You only have an enhanced psychic ability. But it's still amazing at the same time creepy. I will always dream of ghosts and I can see shadows haha.

If your third eye will open you will become to understand the meaning of life. There's no confusion and you will have a peaceful mind. Because you already know the truth.

The third eye is connected to the ability to see things without judgment. And the only ones who can open our third eye are those enlightened beings by transfer of spiritual energy.

Would you like to open it? And here are some good benefits if your third eye is open.

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  1. You can easily Astral Travel and have output-of-body experiences.

  2. You can lucid dream.

  3. You're much more telepathic.

  4. You're much better at reading people and their energetic fields.

  5. You cannot lie because you already know what the truth is.

  6. Clear mind. Enlightenment and will have an answered intuition.

  1. You will gain peace beyond good and bad.

  2. You can see the illusions that engulf people.

  3. You can finally see Angels and other scary entity.

  1. You can move objects with your consciousness.

How about that? Did it convince you to open your third eye? Haha.

I'm good at a little psychic ability in my third eye. I'm a coward in terms of seeing some out-of-the-world creatures. I beg to see only shadows and nothing more.

But if you like here are some ways to open your third eye. But don't do it for fun because we still don't know if this is real or not.

Just saw and watch it in tiktok being shared by people. And I'd like to share it here too.

Photo Credit to Unsplash


  1. Meditation- It is a little hard as it needs to focus and concentrate. It also needs a lot of breathing and concentration.

  2. Tap in with Nature-Take off your shoes and let your feet touch the ground. This is called grounding or earthing and lets your body contact directly at the surface of the earth. Feel nature and connect with it.

  3. Sunlight- Sun Gazing can trigger your pineal gland and open your third eye. Direct contact with sunlight.

  4. Mind medicine- But it's not recommended because not everybody can handle the effect of it.

  5. Divine Timing- If the universe will allow to open your third eye. It will open. You don't need to do all that. If you are meant to be gifted in opening your third eye, then you can open it.

Thank you for reading my friends. Hope it helps to add some knowledge and information to your third eye lol...

leejhen 🤍

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Written by   586
5 months ago
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