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Lovers in Chat:The Husband Part 1

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9 months ago (Last updated: 2 months ago)

A dedicated Father and a Responsible husband. Tried his luck to work overseas to gave his family a better future.

The following Years he worked so hard for the sake of his children as he loves them very much.

Years gone by, he will came back and forth from his overseas job.

One day he is talking with his wife and told her that he was transferred. His work location had changed and there is no internet connection on the said area.

The wife understood and just said to contact her even once a week.

One day the husband decided to went home saying that his work is of no good at all. And chat her eldest daughter saying to type some messages and send it to him.

Because it's the only way that he can go home and escape to work. The wife was wondering why the sudden decision.

Until her daughter told her that his father instructed her to message saying...

" Dad, Please go home now we are so thin mom never took care of us anymore she is busy with her lover and gambling, save us Dad."

That was the message. The moment the wife read it she got very furious and confronted her husband.

The husband just answered her that it's the only way he can go home But the wife didn't convinced at all. It's very degrading on her part. That was all a lie and her daughter is also part of that lie.

But there's nothing she can do. Because the husband had hurriedly went home telling her he is coming and was already riding an airplane.

She just leave it be and waited for the arrival of her husband.

Her husband arrived, but didn't stayed at all in their house. It keeps on going back and forth From Manila to their Hometown.

The wife noticed that there was something off. Why sacrificing himself working at Manila when he can applied in their Hometown.

The husband's reason is his license was expired and he filed for a renewal in Manila. The wife asked" why there? It's so far away!."

But the husband did not listened just continue doing what he like. Months passed by the said license didn't arrived at all.

Until they ran out of money, the husband just said he will go back to work abroad. The wife was puzzled and asked her husband" why go back? you said it's no good to work in there at all?"

But as usual the husband won't just listened and just do what he liked to do. The wife felt very neglected and angry at the same time.

Ever since his husband changed it's religion everything changed too. He is not the way he used to be. And she is wondering why? She also had friends of the same religion but they are not like that.

His husband is kinda obsessed. That is based on her observation.

The husband fly back again to the foreign land. The same as usual the reason was no wifi and no load so he can't contact everyday.

He will just chat his wife whenever he will send his salary and will disappeared.

Until one day The wife's eldest daughter saw a My Day of some Girl that added her on FB.

The girl's My Day Caption caught her eyes and attention.

"Engage with..."

And saw his father's name on it. The eldest daughter was very angry and asked her Mom.

"Mom what is the meaning of this?"

Her mom was caught by surprised. She didn't knew at all and won't believed it. She trusted her husband.

The wife immediately message her husband none stop until he reply. Asking him what's going on. The only reply of his husband."It's not true just never mind that post."

The wife just told her daughter to forget it. It's just a prank.

But a prank is the biggest truth ever! The wife was busy on her online job typing some captcha. When suddenly she was added to a group chat!! And there's only three members! She, her husband and a girl that she didn't know.

The girl keeps on sending sweet messages towards his husband. And the wife was just speechless and shocked for a moment.

"Just what was happening? "The wife asked. But nobody mind her. So she mentioned her husband's name asking what's going on.

The husband was so shock too. Denying that he didn't knew that girl at all and told his wife to leave the group.

But the wife did not listen. She messaged the girl and was surprised how rude of her reply.

"Yeah why? are you affected? you wanted your husband back how could you? You already have a lover and don't hassle us anymore. You two was already break up!"

The wife was very shocked. Just what the F!!! The wife was very furious and out of anger she told the girl that her husband is all hers she can eat it all up if she likes too.

The girl was very rude and boastful. Keeps on blabbering nonsense things. Asking the wife. " How much do you need to leave us alone?"

Just wow with this girl! The wife uttered to herself. An OFW babysitter offered her a money! What a millionaire. (but during this time the wife didn't know the job of the girl, the wife thought she is very rich.)

Out of anger the wife replied. " A Lifetime support as we have kids!"

Yeah that is correct. It should be A Lifetime as he is the Father and it's his responsibility. The girl just laughed and said. "When we will go home we will get our kids and let them live with us."

'Kids? you? who is your kids? are you joking?" The wife asked.

The girl just only laughed. Her husband was keep on messaging her saying don't believed in that girl. He didn't know her.

Just what the???? Who is telling the truth? The Girl or her Husband?

to be continued...

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Written by   503
9 months ago (Last updated: 2 months ago)
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Nice story

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9 months ago

Thank you for the appreciation.

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9 months ago

I don't know how a husband feels about this kind of problem. How the boy faced the problems between his mother and father. And how does this story continue.

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9 months ago

Thank you for reading. Well see😅

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9 months ago

i will

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9 months ago