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Journey to Crypto World:Cake Vault has Retired

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2 months ago

Another Vault has Retired at Beefy Finance. I don't know the reason why but good thing I still able to withdraw my funds in there.

I was about to sleep when I check my Farm in Beefy Finance. The red Vault greeted me with a Bang!

My sleepy eyes became round and big seeing those red Vaults. Not just one but three of them!

Some Vaults of other Tokens also retired. Although it's my second time to experienced this retired vault, it still shocked me.

Well I guess anyone who could see those red Vaults will surely be shock.

Here in this link is my first ever experienced and encounter on Retired Vaults. I have a step by step instructions on how to withdraw your funds if the vault retire.

I also make some guidelines about liquidity pool. Just in case you experience in the future of a retired Vault and it's a Liquidity Pool. That Article will be a big help.

Because Liquidity Pool is different from the others. It is consist of two Tokens being partnered with each other.

And it will not automatically reflect on your wallet the moment you harvest and withdraw them from the farm.

It will remain on where you liquidate them. If you're Liquidity Pool is in PancakeSwap. You need to go on PancakeSwap site in order to retrieve your funds.

And that Article will help you and show you how to do it. Just feel free to open and read if ever you have time.

Cake vault retired. And will no longer be Farming in Beefy Finance. But that just only what I thought.

As I checked again the Beefy Finance site. Cake is still there but those retired vault never came back.

It's just a plain Cake. The retired ones are Auto Cake, Cake Smart and Cake Swamp.

I don't know what's the difference but all three of them has retired. And now this Cake is the only one remained but I guess it's a new Vault. And still they are all Cake lol.

Why I said that it's a new Vault? Because I need to Approve this Vault in order to Farm. And that is the very first thing to do when we farm.

Approving the Vault.

The Transaction Fee was not so big. It is only $0.09.

So I continued and Deposit my Cake.

This is how I deposited. You only have to click the "DEPOSIT ALL".

And this time the Transaction Fee is $0.61.

And this is now my Cake which I Farm last June 24, 2021.

The rest of my Cake was Stake at PancakeSwap.

And I was amazed in the new update of the site. It's been awhile that I did not visit the PancakeSwap Site.

I stake on my Trust Wallet. Wanna learn how to stake? You just need to have a trust wallet as it is what I use too and my guidelines was based on my Trust Wallet.

Now let's open your Trust Wallet

Click Dapps

Scroll down and Select "PancakeSwap".

If you are new in staking,you need to choose the Smart Chain as shown from the screenshot above and you also need to connect your wallet to PancakeSwap.

You can refer on my Article above. This is the first time I farm and connect my Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap. It might be useful as I write a step by step guide for newbies like me.

After connecting your wallet. Just click the three lines from the upper left corner.

And select Pools.

There are many Pools to choose but I prefer this Auto Cake as it will automatically harvested and compounded.

The next thing to do is Click Enable.

Then Approve the Transaction Fee.

Next is click "Stake".

Type the desired amount you wish to Stake then click "Confirm".

Then Approve the Transaction Fee.

And it's done! It's just as easy as 1 2 3 . But investing is never been easy.

You need to think a million times and DYOR(Do your own research).

And if you have the guts to risk your money investing in Staking.

This Article is just for documenting my Journey to Crypto World. I will not advice everyone to invest.

The decision is all up to you.

And then again, another Journey has been ended. Retired Vaults can be solved and withdrawn. Don't panic and be calm so that you can think right.

Hope you all learn in this Article of mine and thank you for being with me.

leejhen 💞


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just comment in here if you're gonna need my guide. And I'm very much willing to help.

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Written by   454
2 months ago
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This is really interesting and instructive article.. thank you for sharing. More articles and more blessings ma'am..😇

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2 months ago

At first, I was skeptical to try staking and liquidity since there are some repercussions associated with it. Besides, there are some losses that could be accumulated that made me think first if it's worth enough.

This article is so informative. Now, I realized that some vaults may retire early pala, (wasn't able to check onto the fact), grabe I am really torn if I'll stake or trade again kaso shaky pa yung market.

$ 0.02
2 months ago

Sa beefy finance mag retired ang vault pero sa pancakeswap wla naman.

$ 0.02
2 months ago

Oh, okay po. May staking and locking option rin po sa Binance and I am also studying if it will be worth it eh. This topic is really informative, thank you po!

$ 0.02
2 months ago

Yes meron pero naka lock siya di mo siya pwede kunin while sa pancakeswap pwede kunin anytime.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Ang dami ko pa po talagang kailangan matutunan dito..😌 Litong-lito na nga utak sa BCH things.. And may dumating na naman na ganito.. hahaha☺️😅 Anyways, mas mabuti na yon, at least unti unti ding na.e.engage ang utak ko sa mundong to'..

$ 0.02
2 months ago

just take a step one at a time☺️ and invest what you can afford to lose.

$ 0.00
2 months ago