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Dream Collections: Golden Yellow light again

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6 months ago

Another Dream. Another nightmare...

I thought that I can sleep peacefully because it's been a while since I didn't dreamt. But to my surprise, it's back again haha.

Kidding aside it's kinda tiring. But I don't know why. I have this gut feeling that I'am not living in the future but the past! It all feels like Deja vu to me. It's like the scene has already happened and I keep on repeating it in my everyday life.

Sounds crazy? Totally, Yes! I am also confused. But life goes on. Nightmare or Dream, Bring it on!

Let me take you again to my Dreamland. Fasten your seatbelt guys and close your eyes. We are about to take off.

In 3, 2, 1...

Welcome to my Dreamland!

DATE:July 26, 2022



Scene: Our Old Ancestral House

I'am writing while lying in my bed when I suddenly felt sleepy and my eyes close without me knowing.

When I open them, I'am in Dreamland again! In my Old Ancestral House. It is always like this. I don't know why I keep on coming back to our old house.

And I'am in my old dark room. The only light is our old glass window which has an old unique design. I'am not sleeping but just lying down until I heard the sound of thunder!

Followed by a Golden Yellow light that shines on my whole room. The light blinded my eyes and I cannot move! And then I realized that I'am dreaming again or is it a nightmare? But it felt like a vision to me. I don't know!

If I will not move, It's suffocating. My breath slowly disappeared and I can't hear my heartbeat anymore! If I will not move, My heart will surely stop.

Will I die being trapped in there? Of course, I will not allow it and I tried my best to move my body and I didn't notice that I'am shouting!

When I heard the voice of my daughter. I know that I'am back from reality. They said that I shouted very loud and they got nervous and called my name.

I look at the clock on my phone and it's 8:22 pm. I remember the time before I fall asleep is 8:12 pm. So, that means that I only sleep for 10 minutes!

Isn't it funny? Who sleeps for only 10 minutes? If this will happen to me, I will not sleep again and let the time passes by.

Now let's talk about another topic. It's palm reading again. As you all know that my tiktok friends are mostly psychic and tarot readers haha. I don't know how it happened but it happens anyway.

This is where I learned to Manifest something that I wanted to achieve if given a chance by the universe. And I also watch some meaning of the lines on our palms. I shared it here lastly about the lifeline and sad to say I have a very short one. Good thing that there's a small line connecting to make it long but the meaning of this line was already explained by me in my last article.

It means that I can Astral Project. And it's not easy but creepy! And also tiring and exhausting. But in my case, I think I will astral project without me knowing.

Let me share with you this kind of line. Are you ready?

Do you have a prophetic cross in your right palm? Just like the picture above. I know that you are checking it now lol haha.

And I have it! I don't know if it's lucky or what. Now, are you curious what is the meaning of this?

To be continued...

It's a joke hehe.

Let me share it right away! I know that you are curious or excited. Don't you feel afraid or creepy?

Hmmm, Can you communicate any entity or spirit? As for me, ghosts will always show up in my Dreams. They will always visit my Dreamland. I can talk to them too but through my dreams. But the worst of it all is that I can see someone's Aura. Like a ghost Aura! I can see in their faces if they don't belong in here anymore. Their face is like a ghost with greyish white complexion. There's no life at all and after a few days, they will die. I'm afraid at first that is why I don't like to see anyone's face closely. I don't want to see this kind of face again. I already experienced it three times. And hopefully, there is no next time.

This one is somewhat scary. Like, what kind of mark? What does it mean? Will the Devil own our soul or what? Having a prophetic cross is scary and I'm afraid!

Oh, I'm going to practice magic. What if, It will goes wrong? But it's fantastic isn't it? We will be like harry potter lol. But kidding aside. We like magic or it's just me?

This one is good I guess. Because we are protected. No one can hex us or hurt us magically. No witch can perform bad magic to us because we are protected and I like this one.

And much more is we can see our future and past lives in our dreams. And I somehow believe it. Because sometimes when I dream. People and places are different. Especially what they wear, the houses, and the entire surroundings. I already dream a modern place and an old place.

Do you believe in all of this? I'am not encouraging anyone to discover.

But I like to share what I learned and discovered.

Truth or not, prayers is the best weapon of all.

If you like to know more about the lines in your palm. Just tell me and I will gladly share it here. But reminder guys that it's up to you if you will believe it or not. The decision is still yours to make.

I'am just here to share some interesting topic that will let you open your eyes instead of being bored.

I hope you enjoy reading and thank you for visiting my Dreamland.

Until next time...

leejhen 🤍

If you are to aspiring Writer you are very much welcome to read. cash


And of course much more welcome in too.


Just comment in here if you're gonna need my guide. And I'm very much willing to help.

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Written by   586
6 months ago
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Chineck ko tuloy yung right palm ko sis leejhen. Iba iba talaga mga dreams natin sis leejhen.

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6 months ago

Haha Meron kang prophetic cross? Meron kasi sa akin haha.

$ 0.00
6 months ago

Haha.. When I am very tired I am easy to dream while sleeping then when I wake up it just takes me a minutes insleeping..

$ 0.03
6 months ago

Yeah, but I'm hoping that there's no more dream haha.

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6 months ago