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1 month ago
Topics:, BCH, Writing, Blogging, Poem, ...

Another milestone has reach my career lol here in But kidding aside I really consider it as my career.

Because writing has never been easy. I know I'm not that good and Don't earn a lot like the others.

I'm good at other way but I love to write. They said you cannot have all because nobody is perfect. Everyone has their own flows so am I.

Going back when I started. I don't have someone to guide me and my first Short post saying "hello I'm a newbie in here".

Sadly no one welcomes me. But did on my notifications lol.

here's the full details of my first month in here. Just in case you want to read hehe.

Well, please bare with my voice. I'm always like that when I wanted to express my gratitude. It will motivate me to sing hehe. Eventhough my voice is not that good but I sing it with all my heart.

Until I Celebrated my two months stay here in I also wrote an Article Celebrating my two months.

Just sharing maybe you would want to read. And in this Article I composed a Poem for as a Thank you tribute for my two months stay.

Here's a poem for

Scrolling and Scrolling

Nothing is interesting

All are bluffing

And no earning

Finally, my eyes

Caught something

Very fascinating

Glad to meet you

And know you

You give me inspiration

And motivation

Teaching me how to write

Making me create

A Unique Article

For people to inspire

You're one of the best

Among the rest

One of a kind

Giving a chance

For all inspiring people

Creating the best Article

This is where my home is

There's no site like


When I'm inspired I can easily composed a Poem. And this is for I earned my first ever real Crypto here in this platform so I'm very much thankful.

Looking back from two months before I only have 101 subscribers and empty sponsors.

But today is a big surprise! that it increase into 146 and my Sponsors is not empty anymore. I got three! just wow.

Until my account was mark into spam. That's very sad, everytime I comment it will automatically moved to spam in a low score messages.

But I don't really like to leave it's my way of coping my little depression through writing. I did tried other platforms but still in my heart I don't want to lose it.

Comparing to a relationship is my First love and don't want to lose him.

So I email hoping they will read it. So sad for there is no reply but it didn't stop me to stay in here.

I didn't comment anymore to minimize my spamming but instead continue writing. They said to stop for awhile as I didn't receive any upvote from the bot.

But still I continued. Continue to write believing that "Patience is a Virtue" and it really is!!

Just one day I got a courage to comment again and was so happy that I'm no longer in spam!!

So Very happy at that time so it motivates me to keep on writing and the bot to finally visit me again although the upvote is not that big. I'm still very happy to see little bot visiting me.

Until on December 24, 2020 has been born. But didn't know at that time. I joined on December 25. And so much happy for the added extra earnings of BCH.

And because I'm very inspired I composed a Poem too for

here's for you...

When is created

everyone is excited

and I'm absent minded

discovered it late

didn't contemplate

but join it

without any regret

making noise there

here and everywhere

a joy like no other

but spammers beware

making noise everywhere is ready to catch you there

justice to spammer

give us laughter

a blogger writer

turned out a cheater

a beautiful woman

is indeed a real man

but a little reminder

to all the Noisers out there

Love this platform

let no one reform

we are earning

while still learning

and we all owe that

to ❤️

leejhen ❤️

Hopefully you will accept this Poem of mine. I write it Sincerely expressing my utmost gratitude for both platform.

And just this year Month of January I started to set my own goals too. And that is to save. Just like my co writers in here who are very much inspired in setting their goals and so I'am.

And looking for more months to Celebrate with and years to come. Wishing this Platform for a total success and I'm just here ready to support anytime.

4 Months staying in here was never been boring meeting new people gaining knowledge as well as new friends.

I could not ask for more. I love it here and will always be here.

leejhen ♥️

Here it goes again haha. I'm inspired and sing a song please bare with my voice I'm just happy and wanted to express my feelings into singing too.

Thank you and for being an inspiration not just for me but for all the thousands of members in the platform.

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Avatar for leejhen
Written by   224
1 month ago
Topics:, BCH, Writing, Blogging, Poem, ...
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Hope so 1 day I will also celebrate my 4month.. Btw congratulations buddy ❤😻

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1 month ago

Yes you can Celebrate too😇 actually that's late I'm 5 months now😇 Thank you.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

I wish you much success and many more months on this platform, including poems and songs.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Yeah thank you. Hopefully we all have many more years in this platform. And hopefully the bot too will give me wish haha.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Success, hahahaha, so be it.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Wow you have a diamond badge now. Congrats 🥳🥳🥳🥳

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Where did you see the diamond badge? that's what I tried to ask hahaha

$ 0.05
1 month ago

I don't understand haha. But wow hopefully I can have diamond badge too😇

$ 0.00
1 month ago

I think I made you that comment in Spanish? hehehehe I'm crazy hahaha. I asked you where you saw the diamond badge but I told my son and he helped me find out where it is. Thank you very much for watching.

Yes, you will also have your diamond badge. As we can help others by giving a little of what we receive and valuing their publications.

I had never seen that place. Thank you very much for finding it and letting me know.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Yeah the diamond badge is color gray not yet visible if you rose in the top it will become orange I think or blue.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

ohhh thanks

$ 0.00
1 month ago