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Hypertension:Clinical Pearls.

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1 year ago

Hypertension is very common nowadays. Normally when Bp becomes 140/90 we said it HTN.

Normal: 120/80

Hypertensive Urgency:

When the systolic BP > 180 and Diastolic BP >120 with no target organ damage.

HTN Emergency:

HTN plus any damage to organ damage. Systemic involvement occurs.

Like a stroke, renal failure etc.

Malignant Hypertension:

When there is HTN + bilateral retinal hemorrhage. May or may not papilledema.

Pathological hallmark is Fibrinoid necrosis and hyperplastic arteriosclerosis.

Note: You should avoid salt and should care about your diet if you are an HTN patient.

Check your BP when you feel a headache or other issue.

image source: free site Pexel.

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Written by   68
1 year ago
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