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Ocean of Nostalgic Memories

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1 year ago (Last updated: 9 months ago)

Dear One-of-a-kind Pal,

If you're reading this, then our paths must have once crossed. Leaving an indistinguishable mark within me.

Please know, you've not been forgotten.

Your unique face appears near.
Here in my book of nostalgic memories.

A book full of shiny smiles and crystal tears.

I was honest with you then and
am honest with you now:

If ever you need
a shoulder to lean on,
a hand to hold,
an ear to hear...

Reach out and I'll be here.

To walk by your side

in this valley of tears.

Your Nostalgic Homie

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Hey Saplings!

Above is a small memorandum dedicated to those people who I remember keenly from my past and who at times, I have missed.

People who have become a part of my life experience, who I have looked up to, who have amused me with their stubborn uniquenesses or whom I have held dearly in my heart at one point in my life.

People who have seen something in me that at the time, I myself could not see.

Who have encouraged me to keep pushing.

Who have taken the time to dream with me.

The connection with them has made me who I am today. The trials we faced together and the constructive criticisms they showered on me, made me stronger.

Would that I could see them once more in person. I would first and foremost say, "Thanks".

Thanks for making me laugh with your witty jokes. They still tickle my brain even to this day.

Thanks for enjoying my ever so quiet presence. It's like you intuitively knew I needed the time to process everything that was being layed out before me and you were okay with that.

Thanks for trusting me even though I had a hard time trusting back. It was nothing personal and you knew that.

Many times did I wish to open up but saw that there just was not enough time to layout years worth of thoughts in one sitting, so I just kept silent and did a lot of listening instead.

I listened to your elegant hopes and dreams. I heard your delicate sorrows and felt them as my own.

Would that I have told you how much I cared. But in every instance, expressing my emotions made me feel vulnerable and I really wasn't ready for that.

Didn't know it then, but I still had some blooming to do.

As time passed, our dynamic paths went their separate ways.

In retrospective, I can see that it was inevitable, for we needed to keep growing. Keep maturing. Keep improving. For that's what being alive is about.

Wish that we could meet now once more, though.

Wish that I could ask you so many things and tell you so much more.

Yet, our current circumstances prevent us. Like an invisible barrier, preventing what once was.

Should that barrier be broken, though?

I guess it depends.

It depends on our life goals. On the finite amount of time and energy allotted to every single one of us.

Maybe, it's still not the right time.

Therefore, I commit to keeping my door open for you. If ever a wrong turn is made and you get lost out there, I'll be here, waiting to see how I can assist.

Because if ever I'm in the same predicament, I'd hope someone would be there in an instant to lend a gentle but firm hand. To be there, at my lowest. To get me out of the hole I've fallen into.

And to be honest, I actually have had that honor:
To be lifted up when tripped and fallen.

I wish I'd reach out sooner but maybe I was just scared to find out that life has eroded us unrecognizable and the connection that once was, might not ever be again.

Though, where there is life, there is hope and that's what I've chosen to cling to.

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Written by   55
1 year ago (Last updated: 9 months ago)
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Hello dear, I'm sorry didn't see this earlier. I blame the homeschooling. 😅 How are you doing? Lovely post nice to read from you again. 🥰

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1 year ago

Hey Momma, I'm doing good. Hehe

You are brave to take on homeschooling.

I've dreamt so much of homeschooling my own but now that the time is here for my oldest, I feel a bit overwhelmed. Lol.

Great to hear from you.

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1 year ago

You are really nostalgic.Memories could be nicely or badly.But we all rather to think about nicely memories.I think I am nostalgic homie for you too because I do not see you on my page,my dear friend.I hope you are okay.

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1 year ago

I think it's winter's fault I'm a little nostalgic Hehe

Didn't mean to banish lol

It's just that after the holiday parties I lost track of time. 🤭🤭

I bet my toddlers had a lot to do with it too.

But now I have time again to be on! 😊👍

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1 year ago