10 Didn't Knows About Mexico as a Mex-American (Part 1)

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UNIQUE. The adjective that describes two distinct cultures. Why is it that even though we're all humans, we aren't all very much alike?

For you go to another country and find strange pecularities. Particular characteristics, ideas, and values that are associated to an exclusive group of people.

Mexico is no different and today, my saplings, allow me to touch upon 10 things that took me by surprise as I observed this nation as a Mex-American.

#1 Less of an Up Tight Appearance

Growing up in the Northwest I remember being impressed with just how picture perfect most people looked. Women straightened or curled their hair and frizz is almost the worst thing that could happen to anyone. Both men and women sought to wear name brand clothes.

All this with the impulse to keep up with the Jonases.

People in Mexico, however, have more natural looking appearances. Ladies wear their hair long and it comes in many different textures and colors. Looks are not about looking perfect, it's more about looking like yourself.

It almost seems like mexicans care more about what's inside, rather than looks.

#2 The Best Salesmen

Mexican flea market salesmen are loud and proud.

As you go through long the flea market division, the merchants will yell into the air, "Pasele! Pasele!" which is, "Come! Come!". Then they'll use very impresive adjectives to lure you into buying.

For example if you're a lady they'll say to you, "Hermosa, Mi niña, or Muchacha etc." which is, "Beautiful, My girl, or Young Lady etc."

With men they'll say, "Jefe" which is "Boss".

This builds up rapport very quickly and you're more willing to buy with them instead of other vendors. It's an intelligent sales tactic and I know it's worked on me in the past.

#3 The Flavorful Food

This one is a given. The food tastes so much better here than in the states. I don't know if it's that here you walk around more therefore you're hungrier, or if the food is just so rich in flavor in and of itself.

I believe it's both.

However, I do want to emphasize just how remarkable Mexican chefs are at integrating herbs and seasonings to their food.

My go to is always the street taco. Never gets old!

#4 Affectionate

Ever been in a situation where you finally get to see a loved relative that you hadn't seen in years and the impulse you get is to go up and hug them or kiss them hello to let them know how happy you are to see them once more after so many years?

Well that's what it's like here. Except they're not related to you at all. LOL. Yet, they're happy to see you and include you.

#5 Unlawful Under the Table

Rules, laws and restrictions. Every country has them. However, laws in Mexico are not the end all be all because there's an unwritten rule that if the law goes against the natural law, it can be broken.

So, for example: It's unlawful in Guadalajara for there to be street vendors in certain parts of the city. Yet, we see the street vendors selling anyway but because they are doing so to make a living and survive, then they're cut some slack. Although, every once in a while, for whatever reason, the city cracks down on these unlawful vendors but they always sneak back after the dust settles.

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Well, my saplings, it's really fascinating to experience a culture unmistakeably different than the one I grew up in and it's even more enjoyable writing to you about it.

Check out Part 2. 😃

I want to hear from you!

What's your impression of Mexico? Let me know in the comments! Let's start that conversation below!

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