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5 Questions to Ask Yourself

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1 year ago
Topics: Life, Experiences, 2020

1. How will your life be different in a year?

Its already November, have you assessed yourself yet? What are the things that are worth to note about this year? Well, we all have had our hardships for this year 2020. First we were shocked by the Corona Virus outbreak all through out the world, but since life must go on, we had to make changes and adapt accordingly. We had to be innovative in so many ways just like the online classes, online transactions, online jobs, online buying and selling and many more things that up until now, we're still in the process of adapting.

Now, I want you to think about what’s not perfect in your world, whether it’s a self-destructive habit, burdensome debt, loneliness or anything else. Something that you want to change in your next year of life. Yes, this is really cliché for some people but resolutions are really a must in order to bring out better results or outcomes and lead to a healthy life.

It may be too early but sure you all have some things that you want to improve from.

2. What are you grateful for?

We may have faced serious problems and difficulties this year, but let us not forget to acknowledge all the blessings that we have received. We have to note that all the things, be it gifts or hardly earned achievement is something that we have to celebrate of.

A grateful heart brings a joyful soul.

Did you know that gratitude correlates with better mood and sleep, higher confidence, and lower fatigue and inflammation.

3. What nice thing can you do for someone else today?

Do you do your diaries? or do you talk to yourself one's in a while? Do you remember every single detail that you've done this day?

Well, here's the thing. It is a healthy practice to think of the things that had happened every single day before sleeping for you to know the things that you must bring tomorrow and the things that must be left behind today.

Even little things can make a big difference in someone's day. Did you know that performing acts of kindness make people feel happier.

4. How much do you worry about what others think?

You can't be present and your best self if you’re constantly asking yourself questions such as:  Did they think that I was smart? Did they think that I was successful? Did they think what I said was stupid? 

Its not so bad to think of what will people think of you.

But do you think its healthy?

Instead of giving so much time and attention on worrying about that stuff, why don't you focus on something that your self esteem and confidence would benefit from?

Think of ways to improve your drawbacks and work on them.

5. What are you doing to invest in your relationships?

Even if a man succeeded in work, amassed piles of money, and experienced good health, without loving relationships he wouldn't be happy.

Happiness depends on two things: "One is love," and "The other is finding a way of coping with life that does not push love away."

Nothing is wrong with dreaming and believing that you will soon achieve great heights. But we must not ought to isolate from others and just live for our dreams because true happiness comes from a genuine purpose. Enjoy the ride. Don't put too much pressure on yourself, remember that you are not alone and there are people who are believing in you and are dreaming with you.

Now its your turn!

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. 😉

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Written by   186
1 year ago
Topics: Life, Experiences, 2020
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Hmmm, I am still confuse on what to answer to those 5 questions. But maybe soon, before the year ends, I will definitely answer those, without regrets.

P.s. sana all po pinapansin. Hahhahaha

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1 year ago

What am I grateful for? Simply being with my family in good health is something to be grateful. The pandemic hasn't ended and we are all still fighting against it while it brought big changes to our usual life. Though this year brought an enormous negativity in the whole world, it brought me positivity with regards to achievements. Movements maybe limited but I can say, while it slowed down the lives of others, it made me catch up to whatever is left behind in me. This life's not a race and it is not my happiness to see people trapped, we are all trapped but at least this year has given me something that I could use to prepare for the next challenges in life, whatever it is.

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1 year ago